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Download jGRASP
Download jGRASP

Development environment that introduces the automatic creation of any software visualization.


Download jGRASP: When you plan to start in the world of programming, it is quite common to have the idea that you need to invest in a great team or powerful computer, which can run any type of application you are developing, obviously this is not the general idea, because there are quite lightweight environments that can help programmers in the development at high speed without needing a large hardware in this case there is jGRASP.


jGRASP: An Overview

jGRASP is a lightweight development environment for java-based applications, it will automatically generate software visualizations to improve the understanding and completion of the final project.
It is implemented for use in java and can run on any type of platform with the execution of a virtual machine. jGRASP produces diagrammatic control structures all for the language java, C + +, python, ada, among others.
In concrete terms, you don’t need much to start programming, you only need a text editor and a compiler or interpreter of the code, it is recommended the use of the most used IDE or development environments, but there are always some that can give the battle and not be a RAM devourer as its most popular counterparts either Netbeans or Eclipse.
What can be found interesting in this application, is the versatility in being able to work with different programming languages and all object-oriented, in addition to developing different portable applications, this obviously unlike the more traditional code compilers.
Something that should be highlighted in terms of its competitors, is the conversion of source code to machine level instructions, something quite common in most compilers, however jGRASP translates the code into intermediate language called ByteCode, the same is then interpreted in the virtual machine that is running to start the application.
If we must talk about some disadvantage that can be easily noticed in this software, it is the development of the code, which has to be written completely, including the main functions something that compilers like Netbeans or Eclipse do with a higher speed to save time, so you can take jGRASP for a better learning, if you want to use it to develop it will be a clear disadvantage that could take you more time than necessary in the development of any application, however you must not leave it aside and test it to check how is the performance.
To conclude, you can notice the great utility that this development environment has, what you will notice immediately is the more forced work that you will have to do in comparison with the big developers that facilitates in great measure the writing of the code, where you will only have to create the instructions, nevertheless you will be able to use it to be able to edit a great quantity of programs where you want to verify some lines of code or only to study it without having to open heavy applications that consume great quantity of resources.

Download jGRASP

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