Download KakaoTalk Free Calling and Messaging App

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Download KakaoTalk Free Calling and Messaging App: It is a very simple application that will help you in connecting with people all across the globe. A very important feature that this application has to offer is that of security. It has hidden chat sessions and it also has an encrypted end- to- end messages. This is also known to be one of the most famous messaging application that is used in South Korea. Soon, this application will soon become an important application that can be used across the globe.

Download KakaoTalk Free Calling and Messaging App

Video calling has gained momentum over the years. A lot of big platforms seem to offer this service. Not only this, but a number of social media platforms also offer this feature of video calling. Though, there are some that have actually brought innovation in this area. Unlike other market leaders, there is no need for a username identification. All you need is a mobile number and you can register yourself. This free calling service is available iPhone, Android phones, and it also works perfectly on Wifi and other 3G networks. This platform has around 150 million users across the world. But, when it comes to Whatsapp, this application is far behind.

Download KakaoTalk Free Calling and Messaging App

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download KakaoTalk App with the help of the below-listed links:

Download KakaoTalk for Windows

Download KakaoTalk from Microsoft Store

Download KakaoTalk for Android

Download KakaoTalk for iOS

Some of the important features that this platform has to offer are as follows. It identifies the user easily with the help of just a phone number. All the Kakao users can make unlimited free voice and video calls. Not only this, but they can also send across text messages to other users. It also allows the user to send text messages in a group. It comes with a large user base. This application also has a PC version.

Although, this tool has a number of important features. It also has some disadvantages as well. The users who are not using this application will not be able to make calls. This service is not available for a number of phone models like that of Nokia, and many others. There is no privacy protocol and also there is no control over encryption. This application is based out of Korea and a lot of its functions are same as that of Viber. All the users who are already users of Kakao Talk can use this service extensively. This has also become a social networking tool as well. This means that this tool has also become a tool with the help of which the users can meet and have a chat with other people. This application also allows you to look for other people by just typing their name. Voice calls and video calls can be made easily over Wifi and 3G.

This also has a feature known as Secret Chat. With the help of this feature, the user gets to send a secret message to their friends and relatives. But, this can only be done if the user knows the security code that is stored on their system. The message will not be intercepted to the other user even if they try to break the server. It takes a few minutes to install on your system. And another few minutes to sync with your smartphone. It also allows you to send files that are as large as 100 MB in nature. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download KakaoTalk App and start texting & calling your friends for free.

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