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Download Karafun
Download Karafun

Software specialized in karaoke where you can play and sing your favorite songs.


Download Karafun: For those moments where you want to have fun with your friends, but do not have a suitable player in addition to karaoke for a long singing session, Karafun is what you need where you can not only play and display your karaoke files, likewise be in the ability to edit them to suit your needs and have a great night out with friends with great fun.


Karafun: An Overview

KaraFun is a free application that allows you to have your own karaoke player in your Windows operating system. In addition to its clear music playback function, you can edit your favorite songs to create your own karaoke videos. It has a very complete compatibility where it plays all audio files such as: KAR, CDG, LRC, KFN and KOK.
With its clear and simple interface it has a very low range of difficulty, that is to say, it can be used by any type of user, although he is not in knowledge of how to use it, the own app will guide you so that you know what you must do to be able to create your own compositions and in audio and MIDI formats like MP3, OGG, KAR or MID.
To make it even more complete, Karafun has the option of customizing the songs with a variety of fun and original backgrounds, so you can edit them to be played as you see fit, this will have a great source of entertainment with which you can encourage any meeting or just to have a good time among friends and family.
It is of noticing that Karafun also offers a functionality of control of voices, this will allow to change the volume of choruses or even of some independent voice, this in order that even you could sing in duets or alone if better it seems to you. but in spite of that also it is possible to have the fact of the great catalogue that it has available, with but of 21,000 songs with which it will be able, clear is, if you want it you can unload the songs already synchronized for those occasions where you do not have Internet in the place.
You will be able to configure your playlist with the best songs, in addition you will have available the tracks of each one to be able to sing until the songs that you do not know completely, this includes great availability in songs by languages for an ample variety.
With all of the above, it’s no wonder this is such a popular party software, you’ll be able to have a wide variety of songs and set your favorites, as well as customize the way they are displayed for a better experience, not to mention the easy way it works, which won’t require much knowledge.
To conclude, it is interesting to note that there is a software with a function so recreational that can help in the social life that we all have, that is why it is a good way to have fun on special occasions, just need to download, install and start testing the software that can make you the savior of the party where you are.

Download Karafun

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