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Dedicated software that serves as a complement for the completion of programming code based on an artificial intelligence.


Download Kite: It is always necessary some kind of facilitator that helps us to complete the code that we are doing in our different projects, there are different extensions or plugins that serve us for this, but in this case it brings an almost artificial intelligence known as Kite, which will speed up the construction of the code at great speed.


Kite: An Overview

Kite is nothing more than a plugin that can be used by your development environment, it uses an artificial intelligence that will learn little by little providing the different options of code for autocompletion, this way you can go back and write code in great quantity even faster than you usually do.
As for the functions it offers, it is so similar to others that you probably already know how to use it in general terms, it will show documentation of the classes as well as the methods you can use, which also includes different examples that are the most popular or organized patterns, which can be useful for you and all this will depend equally on the way it is working.
In the beginning I applied different suggestions based on classes and methods taking into account the code, but without noticing the context in which it is being written. With the different updates that have come out, in the latest versions it is able to help you write large lines of code to the point that it will notice the different contexts that you are applying, where you will save up to 50% of work when writing the code.
In general terms it is currently quite compatible with most text editors or IDE favoring the creation of mostly python code, although it can be configured for another type of language, being able to integrate very easily into editors like Atom, Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code, which are mostly popular giving a great agility in creating intelligent code fragments.
If you must name the most important features, it is quite obvious that the high speed completion of the line of code is the greatest advantage offered by this artificial intelligence, where the auto-completion of different phrases or lines of code will save work and improve the flow of creation, it is the same that will allow the creation of correct documentation while you are developing, this will help you read more efficiently and correct quickly if necessary.
To conclude, it is only necessary a little curiosity to investigate how this application works, in the same way to fill it with knowledge so that it can be useful, this of course will take time while the artificial intelligence is learning the different lines of code that you use constantly and thus can give you suggestions that are according to your work, but that in the end you will realize the reduction of significant work.

Download Kite

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