Download Latest Java Offline Installer for Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Latest Java Offline Installer for Windows, Mac & Linux
Download Latest Java Offline Installer for Windows, Mac & Linux

Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D. Download Now

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Download Latest Java Offline Installer for Windows, Mac & Linux: If you have ever tried programming, you must have come across the name JAVA at least once. It is one of the most popular programming languages of all time. JAVA runs on over 15 billion devices all over the world. You might not be aware but a lot of apps running on your phone, tablet or PC have been created by JAVA and are running in a JAVA environment. A lot of websites also require JAVA to run. In case you do not have JAVA on your computer you might be prompted to install the same sooner or later. In this article, we will look closely into the salient features of JAVA and also help you in downloading and installing the same on your device.

JAVA: A Brief Overview

JAVA is one of the most popular programming languages of all time. It was released in the year 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Later on, it was purchased by Oracle. JAVA is an object-oriented, class-based, general-purpose programming language. It consists of two parts, the JAVA Development Kit (JDK) and the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE). We will look into each of these in detail in a short while.

JAVA is used extensively all over the world. It is a part of various essential sectors like banking, retail, Information Technology, Android, Stock market, Financial Services, Big Data, Scientific and Research Community, etc. It is a freeware and hence widely used by all app developers. It is a concurrent programming language which means that it executes many statements simultaneously instead of sequentially. It promotes the concept of “Write Once Run Anywhere” that allows developers to reuse the code on different machines.

What is JAVA Development Kit (JDK)?

JAVA Development Kit is the app development environment that allows you to create and develop programs, java applications, and applets. JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) is a part of JDK along with JAVA Virtual Machine (JVM) and development tools. It also contains a compiler and an interpreter. It is a freeware and can be easily downloaded on your PC. The main functions of JDK can be summed us as compiling, documenting, and creating JAVA program Packages.

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What is JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE)?

JRE is the environment in which you can execute and run your code. It allows your code to access all the class libraries and support files that are provided in the JAVA Virtual Machine (JVM). It is the primary requirement to run JAVA programs on your computer. JRE is also required to run various JAVA based apps and online applets. When you are playing online games, chatting with others, using a calculator or viewing 3D images, you are using JRE. Without JRE all this is not possible. There are two important components of JRE: JAVA Plug-in and Web start. JAVA Plug-in allows applets to run on internet browsers and Web start is required for the functioning of standalone applications on a network.

What is JAVA Virtual Machine?

As the name suggests, it is a virtual machine that provides a platform for code to be executed. It is a very special component that makes JAVA code universal. JVM acts as an interpreter and converts code into machine language which is platform-independent. It contains all the class libraries and pre-defined functions. JVM enables the bytecode to get executed on the computer. It consists of a specification, an implementation, and a runtime instance. The specification defines the working of the JVM. The implementation is carried out in the JRE (JAVA Runtime Environment). The runtime instance is created when you run the JAVA program either from the command prompt or from the JAVA class.

Salient Features of JAVA

1. Simple: JAVA is a simple programming language. Complex elements like pointer and operating overloading has been removed. This makes it easier to use in comparison to C++ or other programming languages.

2. Portability: Due to the presence of JVM, JAVA is platform-independent. JVM converts byte code into machine language that is native to the user’s device.

3. Object-oriented: JAVA is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. It works on the creation and use of objects. An object is anything that has properties, state, and behavior. All operations in JAVA are carried out through an object.

4. Secure: Programs running on JAVA are secure. They have some amount of encryption that prevents others from stealing or tampering with the source code. It provides a virus and malware-free environment for development, testing, and running of applications.

5. Dynamic: It is a dynamic programming language that works on dynamic memory allocation. It increases efficiency and performance by better handling of memory resources.

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How to Download JAVA Offline Installer?

JAVA can be downloaded easily from the official site of Oracle. It is an online installer and does not contain the setup files. If you do not have a stable internet connection then you would need an offline Installer. The offline installer can be saved on an USB drive and copied to different devices. Click the below link to Download Latest Java Offline Installers as per your requirements.

Download Latest Java Offline Installer for Windows, Mac & Linux

Once the installer has been downloaded, run the installer by double-clicking on it. Now click on the Install button to start the installation. It will take a couple of minutes and a few dialog boxes later the installation would be complete.

How to Update JAVA?

It is possible that JAVA is already installed on your computer. It might not be the latest version though. You can check your JAVA version by simply typing “java-version” in command prompt. If it is not the latest version then you can simply update it from the Control Panel.

Head over to Control Panel and find JAVA. Click on it to select the app. Now select the update tab and click on Update now. The update will automatically start and get completed in a couple of minutes.

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JAVA is very important software that is a must-have for both end-users and app developers. It is a simple programming language that is preferred by a lot of developers. It is platform-independent and hence used in so many different devices all over the world. JAVA is also an integral part of Web-based applets and a lot of websites. All the apps that are created using JAVA need JAVA to run on your computer.

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