Download Launchy 2019

Download Launchy 2019
Download Launchy 2019

Application launcher that helps you find programs and files.


Download Launchy 2019: On many occasions while working on the computer, people don’t have the time to look for a certain program to open. This can cause stress because they are in a hurry and they might need to find the software as soon as possible.

A solution for this problem is to have an application launcher to find the programs you need to use in a faster way. Launchy is an excellent choice for this. There is a new version of the software, which increases the speed in which users can access programs. If you want to know more about Launchy 2019, in this article you will find detailed information and a download link to start using it.

Launchy 2019

Launchy 2019: An Overview

Launchy is known as one of the best application launchers for both Windows and Mac. Not only it allows you to open documents and programs, but you can also open web pagers and even do math equations. It doesn’t need updates and you will be able to use every single tool.With Launchy 2019 it’s going to be easier to locate programs and files, and you won’t have to use so many keyboard shortcuts. When it comes to the interface, Launchy is beyond simple. You can adjust many of the configurations and you can also choose between a portable mode and a complete mode to use on your computer. The skin is one of the easiest parts of Launchy 2019. If you prefer having a more personal configuration this is going to be possible thanks to excellent tools. Is very easy to install on both Mac and Windows devices and users can change the look of the program to their own personal application launcher. It helps people find anything they need such as programs, documents and even web pages.

The new version of Launchy incorporates new features. One of them is an improvement for Mac devices. Launchy 2019 is able to perform better with new versions of the Apple system and it presents new shortcuts. Besides this, the 2019 update comes with a more polished browser that you can use to look for the things you need. Following the new feature list, the update also includes more icons for users to find their programs or files.

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