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Download LibreOffice
Download LibreOffice

The lightest and most versatile free office automation software on the market, to facilitate the creation of a wide variety of documents.


Download LibreOffice: For those who want a freer alternative than great freedom of creation, has the software LibreOffice, with great processing power and lightweight, you will have the ability to create various types of documents compatible with any office package program, giving a great adaptability that will be very attractive to the large community of users who decide to use it.

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LibreOffice: An Overview

LibreOffice is a powerful, free and open source office software. It is the successor of OpenOffice, which today is used by millions of users. It has a clear and simple interface that is attractive to the eye and with a variety of tools that help to greatly improve the possibilities compared to other office packages. The applications that are in it are: Writer, like the word processor; Calc, like the classic spreadsheet; Impress used as presentations; Draw for vector graphics and flow charts something very useful in university careers; Base, which is a database manager; finally, mathematics, which are editing formulas.
Because of the great power it has, your documents will be seen with great professionalism, in addition to the way of working that will be quite clean, regardless of what you are doing or to be the document. From a master’s thesis, to brochures or reports in general, with LibreOffice you will do a job that will be visually attractive as well as a great distribution of content and styles thanks to its powerful structuring and style tool.
It is important to highlight the great compatibility it has with Microsoft formats, these include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, among others. The great data engine it uses allows open format documents that are ODF, have maximum control of their data and content, in the same way you can convert them to PDF if necessary.
However, it should be noted that the ran power that has and despite being free brings a great degree of customization, where you can modify to a large extent, besides having a great support and user assistance from the developers, all completely free
If we talk about the reason of the great stability and functionality that LibreOffice has, it is because its history goes back 20 years, giving a great advance that has been achieved little by little, solving bugs that come up during the march. But in the same way there are thousands of users around the world that by their own decision participate in the system tests for future versions of the same, to culminate you must take into account that despite having similar features, it is not the same as the other popular office automation packages, so you will need a small degree of instruction before you can take full advantage and enjoy each of its tools that can solve from a small report to advanced calculations in an Excel sheet.

Download LibreOffice

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