Download Lightshot for Free (All Versions)

Download Lightshot for Free (All Versions)
Download Lightshot for Free (All Versions)

Lightshot allows you to select any area on your desktop and take its screenshot with 2 button-clicks. Download Now

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Download Lightshot for Free (All Versions): Although there are numerous screenshots apps available in the market taking a screenshot with the Lightshot app is the easiest. This screen capture tool developed by the Skillbrains is very easy to use and is capable of capturing screenshots on any type of OS, be it Windows, Linux, or Mac. This extremely lightweight tool although comes with many different functions does not have a separate UI. You need to press the print screen button on your keyboard and select the area you are willing to capture. And you will be done.

Download Lightshot for Free All Versions

Lightshot: An Overview

It comes with numerous tools that can enhance the capture by adding shapes, text, colors, and many more. Once you are done making changes, save the same to wherever you like on your computer. Unlike some screenshots software, you are not allowed to organize and manage the screenshots taken as long as you reach the location where you saved the screenshot or without creating an account on their website. In other words, Lightshot does not have any separate image organizer or any software window. All you can opt for is a configuration 

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Lightshot’s very simple interface is represented on the screen itself. Users can get access to all the available tools and functionalities from the area of selection itself. You will be able to find all tools such as inserting shapes, adding texts, markers, colors and many more as well as some sharing and saving options like social media sharing, printing, cloud upload, etc from the window itself, for this you don’t need to access the screenshot folder.  The best thing that comes with this tool is the ease to capture, save, and upload screenshots.

With this tool, you will be able to take screenshots very swiftly and continuously, which is not permitted in most of the screenshot software. It also enables you to access your screenshot history after you create an account on their website. It can be considered as a backup for your missing screenshots. This all in one tool is a perfect solution for you. This fast, extremely efficient, and reliable application is worth your money. It is lightweight but it has numerous useful features that enable you to take, manage, and upload screenshots.

Are you familiar with reverse image search that lists the same images on Google search? If you are not, then you can try this feature on the light shot application. It helps you to find similar images to your screenshots by running a search on Google. This feature is a very unique one and can not be found in most of the previously developed screen capture software. The usability of this tool is not only restricted to software but also this company has come up with the browser extensions of this tool which can be availed on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others. These can be downloaded from respective stores where extensions are available.

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How to Download Lightshot for Free (All Versions)

Click on the below links to Download Lightshot for all Versions:

Download Lightshot For Windows

Download Lightshot For Mac

Download Lightshot For Android

Download Lightshot For Chrome

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