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Download Malwarebytes If a user wants to remove and detect the viruses in the easiest and fastest way, Malwarebytes is the best way possible. This antivirus is built on one of the most advanced technologies that is available. This software can easily detect spyware, Trojans, worms, amongst other things. It also warns all the users about all the dangerous viruses that are trying to interfere with the system. This software is high in performance and will remove even the most advanced virus and malware.

The main aim of this software is to scan and remove and also protect the system from various threats. Although, the free version of this software is able to do a lot of things, like performing full scans, and is also able to remove various types of software. But, if a user buys the paid version, it also includes a module that will allow the users to block various websites and will also protect your computer from various threats.

Download Malwarebytes

The installation process is very simple. Once the user has run the file, all they need to do is click on continue few more times, select the language that they prefer, also choose the language of installation, and get going with it. In order to finalize the entire process of installation, the user will have to restart the system. And as soon as the installation process is complete, the user will have to update the database as well, if you get a notification, click on Yes and update the same.

Download Malwarebytes

So without wasting any time let’s Download Malwarebytes with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Malwarebytes Offline Installer

New features in Malwarebytes

  1. This version can easily replace your traditional antivirus, it is because of the innovative approach that the software has approached in order to prevent your system from any type of virus attack. The latest version has used a good combination of proactive and signature-less technologies
  2. All those rootkits that are part of the background and also act against the system on the privileged rights can also be easily detected by the software. As soon as the anti-virus software is installed, it will scan your PC on demand or it can also scan your system at a particular interval of time and will also make sure that all the threats are removed from your system. This is because of the chameleon technology that the system is using as it works really well on all the infected systems.
  3. Because of the feature of instant updates and real-time protection that is given by the system blocks the access of the user to that website and it also informs the user about the threats that come with the website.
  4. It also supports multi-language.
  5. It also has advanced malware detection and removal of the software.
  6. The response given by the malware database is really fast and the updates are also given on a regular interval of time.
  7. The user will also get access to the expert community and to the support team as well.

Alternatives to Malwarebytes

  1. Avast 2017
  2. AVG 2015
  3. Smadav antivirus
  4. Avira Antivirus

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