Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO
Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO for both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating system.

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Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO: If you are a Windows user then you probably need no introduction to the Microsoft Office. It is a one-stop solution for all your professional requirements. Microsoft Office is a complete package that contains many useful apps. Be it the most popular trio of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint or utilities like Access, Outlook and One Note, Microsoft Office suite is an indispensable part of every Windows-based PC. 

Microsoft Office recently released its latest installment, Office 2013. It is specifically designed to complement the newly released Windows 8. Office 2013 comes with a lot of new features and an impressive new interface. The iconic Ribbon interface is now even flatter. Office 2013 is also the first touch-enabled office version. Office 2013 has been released in 5 editions keeping in the mind the varied requirements of different people. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most premium edition of Office 2013 called Professional Plus and tell you how to download the same.


Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO

Microsoft Office 2013: An Overview

Microsoft Office 2013 was released shortly after the release of Windows 8. It is the first office suite that has touch support. This is primarily due to the fact that Windows 8 runs on a lot of tablets, smartphones, and touch screen devices. Apart from a stunning new interface Office 2013 also incorporates cloud-based computing. You can now save your work and sync your settings across multiple devices. It also offers a subscription-based edition called Office 365.

Office 2013 comes with a lot of new features and improvements. The Ribbon interface is flatter than ever. There are new animations in Word and Excel. To work hand in hand with Windows 8 it adheres to the Metro-style interface of Windows 8. It also includes better online support in the form of One Drive, Skype, Outlook, Yammer, etc. The only downside to Office 2013 is that it is not supported on Windows XP. Microsoft decided to keep Windows XP users from installing and using Office 2013.

Different Editions of Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 contains a lot of apps. These are namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, OneDrive, OneNote, Lync, and InfoPath However, all these apps aren’t used by everyone. A student or a Home user does not require Publisher or InfoPath. Therefore, it is unwise for people to pay for them. Microsoft Office, therefore, released 5 different editions of Office 2013. These editions are:

  1. Home & Student: This is the most basic edition of Office 2013. As the name suggests this was released for students and home users. It consists of only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  2. Home and Business: This was meant for home users and small businesses. Apart from the basic apps of Home & Student it also has Outlook.
  3. Standard: In addition to the basic apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) it also contains Outlook and Publisher.
  4. Professional: This edition has almost all the apps of the Office suite. In addition to the standard pack, it also has Access.
  5. Professional Plus: The final and the ultimate edition of Office 2013 contains all the apps including InfoPath and Lync.

List of Applications in Office 2013 Professional Plus:

  1. Word 2013 – Office 2013 has greatly improved its interface and a result Word has seen some major improvements. The ribbon design keeps documents in the center and the tools fading slowly into the background. The confusing round button of Office 2010 is replaced by neat and sharp tabs. Also, the touch support makes it super easy to use Word and all its tools as you can now simply tap on them. The layout feature has also greatly improved. Videos can now be directly embedded in Word documents. Aligning imported pictures is now easier. You can also open PDF files on Word and edit them as if they were word files.
  2. Excel 2013 – Excel 2013 also enjoys a similar improved interface. The existing features have improved and there are some new interesting features as well. Now you can select a number of rows and columns and the quick access menu will pop up. You can now directly apply a lot of edits and formulas from the menu. When you hover your mouse pointer on the options you can see a preview of the result that particular action would do. There is also a prototype tool called the Chart Advisor which works well with Excel. It shows you how the chart/graph would change if you made any changes to the data in the tables. The error message is also more informative.
  3. PowerPoint 2013 – The new interface with the tools fading in the background allows you to focus on the project. There are new themes and templates already available to choose on the welcome page. You can also search for additional templates from the online site of Office. The graphics have been optimized for wide-screen devices. When you re-open a previous document, you can easily pick up where you left off by clicking on a pop-up bookmark like icon that appears on the side. There are quick formatting tools that make your job easier. The new smart guides provide you with a lot of assistance in aligning images, text boxes, and other elements. You can also find new transitions and animations in the transition tool.
  4. Outlook 2013 – The new interface of Windows 8 makes the inbox of Outlook looks much less cluttered. You can easily reply to emails using shortcut reply buttons. If you divert from typing a reply then the message automatically gets saved as a draft. The touch support makes using Outlook very easy. There are a number of user-friendly commands in Outlook 2013.
  5. OneNote 2013 – OneNote is one of the most useful apps in the Office suite. It allows you to make notes and access them on all devices that you sign in with the same account. You can also make audio and video recordings and save them on OneNote. Different types of files like Excel and Visio can also be embedded into your note. The table tools in OneNote 2103 is much more powerful.
  6. Access 2013 – It is an extremely useful database management tool. The new interface makes Access 2013 really appealing and easy to use. The touch support makes it easier to navigate through the database.
  7. Publisher 2103 – You can now directly insert pictures from the internet on to your project. The touch mode adds to the ease of viewing and reading publications. In this new edition when you add an image it gets added to a separate column called the scratch area. This is a much more convenient way of working rather than simply dumping it on the main page. You can easily drag and resize these pictures from the scratch panel as and when required. There is a lot of new formatting options added to Publisher 2013. One such option is the ‘photo printing’ option. It saves each page of your document as a JPEG file.
  8. InfoPath 2013 – Office 2013 Professional Plus contains two additional apps – InfoPath and Lync. These apps are also available as standalone downloads. InfoPath 2103 is a very useful tool that helps you to create and fill forms easily. You can quickly add text boxes, buttons, fields, drag down menus, etc. It is primarily designed for developers and businessmen.
  9. Lync 2013 – This too is available as a standalone download. It is an official app for making audio and video calls. It is particularly important for businesses to carry out virtual conferences, meetings, and discussions. The new version, i.e. Lync 2013 comes with a number of upgrades and improvements. You can now make audio and video calls on a mobile device using either Wi-Fi or data. Now, IPv6 and IPv4 are both supported simultaneously. Full A/V support is available on desktops due to the VDI plugin. It is also cross-platform compatible.

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What is an ISO file?

If you want to download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus for your PC and also use the setup file to install the software on another computer without re-downloading, then you have to create and use an ISO file. An ISO file is a virtual copy of a DVD. It is an image file that emulates a DVD. If you wish to skip buying an actual DVD from the store, you can always opt for an ISO file. The computer treats it exactly the same way as if a DVD was inserted into the CD/DVD drive. Most of the modern laptops and PCs have even removed the CD/DVD drive and thus an ISO file is the only solution to download and install Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus.

Now let us look into the different methods to download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO.

How to Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO

There are a couple of methods to download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO. In this section, we will tell you what these methods are. However, before we do that you need to know what an ISO file is.

Method 1: By using direct online links

Feel free to use the following direct links to download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO:

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ISO

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus 32-bit Download

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus 64-bit Download

Method 2: By using a third-party tool

Step 1: You can use a third-party app like the one made by Click here to download the app.

Step 2: Run the app and then choose the option of Office 2013 from the list of Office versions.

Step 3: Next up select the edition of Office that you require. In this case, it would be Professional Plus.

Step 4: Now click on the download button.

The ISO file will now get downloaded.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

Once you have downloaded the software you need to activate it. Without doing so you would not be able to use most of the features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus.

*Product Key not available*

These are the Installation Keys, not the Activation Key and it is Officially Provided by Microsoft itself.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

  • A processor of 1GHz or above.
  • A 2 GB RAM.
  • Minimum Hard Disk Space of 3 GB.
  • The operating system should be Windows 7 or later.
  • .Net framework 3.5 or later.

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Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus is the ultimate edition of the latest Office suite. It contains all the constituent apps that are a part of the Office suite. If you require the complete package of utilities, this is the edition that you need. The new Office 2013 has a wonderful interface and it is very easy to use. With the new touch support and cloud computing integration, Office 2103 is sure to leave a mark. If you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10 then you should obviously upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013.

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