Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018

Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018
Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018

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Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018: The May 2018 non-security updates for Microsoft Office now include patches for Microsoft Office 2016, 2013 and 2010. A patch is a software which has been designed to enhance an already existing software. The patch can be used to fix issues of the existing product or also to enhance its functionality. Microsoft regularly releases security updates for almost all of its supported products normally on second and sometimes the fourth Tuesday of every month, therefore, making popular the term ‘The Patch Tuesday’ which is now recognized for being the day on which the security updates are released by Microsoft.

Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018

These updates are applicable only to Microsoft Installer (MSI) editions of Microsoft Office and not to the Click-to-Run editions like Microsoft Office 365. You can download the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of the patches to your device and apply them to the Office installation. The hotfixes for Microsoft Office include thirty security updates as well as twenty-two non-security updates. These include important vulnerability fixes so you need to update to the latest version of Microsoft Office by installing these patches. So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018 with the below-listed links.

Auto vs Manual Update:

There are two ways to get these updates, one is manual and the other is automatic update method. To get automatic updates, you can check the “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows” option under the Windows Update. You can also check the box for ‘Give me updates for other Microsoft products’ which then lets you get the Office updates automatically when you run the Windows Update on your system.

Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018

The second method under which the manual update is done is to download the updates and install them manually. If you want to download and install the updates manually, then you can do so by using the Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018 links given below:

Download Office 2016 Updates for May 2018

Download Office 2013 Updates for May 2018

Download Office 2010 Updates for May 2018

Update Features and Fixes:

  1. It now supports the Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key length if the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) are supported.
  2. It has made many improvements in the Swiss translation.
  3. It has now fixed the dialog box truncation issue in the German version of Outlook which used to occur when adding a public folder.
  4. The latest update also addresses 32-bit Outlook memory issues by enabling Large Address Aware (LAA) state which was not done in the previous release.
  5. It has now solved the duplicate folder creation issue which used to arise for some special folders.
  6. It has also fixed the attachment display message error, when a sender from outside the organization sends an email with any attachment to the Office 365 Modern Group.
  7. It has fixes for the crash that occurred when accessing public folders if Outlook was connected through MAPI/HTTP.
  8. It can no longer send email messages after migrating mailboxes.
  9. Creating a task in a secondary mailbox now saves it to the primary mailbox and may assign the owner as the user of the primary mailbox.
  10. The update has fixed a single issue in Microsoft Outlook that earlier caused the view pane to remain blank and a pop-up message of “Waiting for a page to be retrieved from a CRM server” to be displayed.

Alternatives to Microsoft Office

  1. Apple office suit
  2. Apache open office
  3. WPS office
  4. Dropbox paper
  5. FreeOffice

That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Microsoft Office Update May 2018, but if you face any issues then feel free to ask your questions in the comment’s section.

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