Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

All-in-one software specialized in the recovery of data mistakenly deleted, lost, formatted or damaged.


Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery: For those occasions when you lose different data for any reason, whether it is due to logical or physical failure or accidental deletion of their information, there are tools such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery that will make it easier to recover any kind of residue and obtain the information that existed on that device.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: An Overview

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a complete solution that is both lightweight and extremely powerful, so you can recover any type of file no matter how small it was dragged in. It focuses on a simple interface with easy settings so that any type of user can use it even if they have no technical experience or great knowledge of computers.
This application is based on using three simple steps for the recovery of any type of file, even if these only need to be repaired the software will be able to do this job, this provides a substantial benefit because in most of the current data recovery software, they do not try to repair those files if they get a broken sector, for having this ability is that little by little has become known and has a wide catalog of followers.
The main functions are divided into the following where they can perform any type of task when recovering damaged partitions, recovering lost partitions or recovering any type of existing data, these will work together to improve the protection of each of the recovered data and restore them if necessary, likewise it is always good to be able to create some type of backup that will serve to avoid future losses of any type of information.
This software has different versions where each one will have limitations or different capabilities, for example the free version only has a limitation to recover a gig of information, that’s a lot if you take into account that most of the information that is lost ends up being photos or short videos.
But if you need a little more recovery power you need the paid version, which is still available to a large number of users since it does not have a very high cost.
It is necessary to take into account that for the current discs this limitation in the free version, can be a disadvantage, this was designed basically for devices with little capacity, like memories or pendrive is why you should think well where to use this application.
To conclude, it is quite clear the efficiency and the handling that this system has, only with making three small steps to be able to recover any type of resulting file in the different existing devices, from memories to entire hard disks each one will depend on the version that the system has this for the limitation to what you can recover, but as for manageability there is no restriction because its simple and easy way of working makes that any novice user can use the application without any problem.

Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

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