Download .NET Framework 4.7 Offline Installers

Download .NET Framework 4.7 Offline Installers
Download .NET Framework 4.7 Offline Installers

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Download .NET Framework 4.7 Offline Installers: .NET Framework is a software by Microsoft which is programming infrastructure for creating, building, deploying running applications that use .NET technologies.  It can be used to develop different types of applications such as Console, Windows, Web application etc. The are two main components of .Net Framework which are Common Language Runtime (CLR) and .Net Framework Class Library (FCL). Microsoft has recently released the latest feature of .NET Framework 7.4.

New features of .NET Framework 4.7

  1. Create and DS.Create: With the help of these methods, they allow you to supply key parameters when instantiated a new key in this format. They also let you replace the code very easily. These two methods also allow you to generate new keys with the specific size that a user wants.
  2. Support for ephemeral keys: With the help of PFX Import, it allows you to optionally load all the private keys directly from the memory. As and when a new key is specified in a constructor or also in one of the overloads, the private key will also be loaded as one of the ephemeral keys. It is because of this feature that the keys are not visible on the disk. But, as the keys are not persisted to the disk, certificates that are loaded with this flag are not good to use. Also, all the keys that are loaded in this manner tend to be always loaded with Windows CNG. As a result of which, all the callers can access the private key with the help of calling extension methods. Also, as we know that the legacy key does not work properly with certificates, developers are informed that they will have to do enough number of testing before they switch to the ephemeral keys.
  3. Programmatic creation of PKCS#10: With the help of the latest version, all the workloads can generate CSRs, also knowns as the Certificate Signing Requests. These requests allow certificate request generation to stage into the current tooling process. This feature is very important when it comes to test scenarios.
  4. New signer info members: With the help of the new version, SignerInfo tries to expose more and more information about the signature.
  5. Leaving a wrapped stream open: In this features, the CryptoStream has come with an additional constructor that will allow Dispose to not close the wrapped stream.
  6. Decompression changes in DeflateStream: All the implementations of decompression operations in the DeflateStream has been changed and they will now be using the native Windows APIs and this is a default change. It is because of this feature that the overall performance seems to have been improved. This support has been enabled default by all the applications that are targeting .NET Framework. All the applications that are using the previous version of .NET Framework can also get this feature if they add the AppContext switch to their file.
  7. Support for dependency injection in Web Forms: DI, also known as Dependency Injection decouples the objects and also their dependencies so that they will no longer need an object’s code to be changed as they have also changed the dependency. When the user is developing an application that follow ASP.NET and also target .NET Framework 4.7.2, this can be easily done on the basis of the interface and also constructor based injection in all the handlers and modules.
  8. Support for same site cookies: With the help of SameSite, it prevents a browser from sending a cookie along with a cross site request.
  9. Implementation of HttpCientHandler properties: The latest version has added some eight properties to the System Handler class. However, out of those eight, two have thrown a platformnotsupportedsxception. The latest version has the facility to now provide an implementation of all those properties. Those properties are Check Certificate Revocation List and SslProtocols.
  10. Support for Azure Active Directory Universal Authentication: As more and more security concerns are increasing, and to also work in tandem with the latest security developments, a number of changes have also been introduced. And to support all those changes that are happening, .NET Framework will also extend its SQL features and will also add a new value, known as Active Directory Interactive. This will be added for the existing authentication keyword and will also support MFA and Azure Authentication AD. This new method will also support the native and federated users and it will also support the guest users. If this method is imposed, the MFA Authentication that is bound to happen by Azure AD is also supported by the SQL database.

Download .NET Framework 4.7 Offline Installers

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download .NET Framework 4.7 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed links:

Download .NET Framework 4.7 Offline Installers

Download .NET Framework 4.7 Language Pack Offline Installer

Download .NET Framework 4.7 Developer Pack

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 Web Installers

If you wish to use Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 in any other language than English, then you need to download the language pack from the above URL and select your preferred language while installing it.

While installing .NET Framework 4.7 on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, the installation may fail because these Operating systems don’t have the D3DCompiler_47.dll file. You need to manually download and install this file in order to install .NET Framework 4.7.

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