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Download NetBalancer: A large number of today’s applications always need to be connected to the network in order to function in the best possible way. This happens because they need to access information on the networks to improve performance and operation.
That is why applications such as NetBalancer will serve to control web traffic and stop using all the bandwidth in a single application, thus distributing it in the right way for each application to work properly.


NetBalancer: An Overview

Netbalancer performs task management to improve your broadband connection, so it can be used only by the applications in the foreground and does not consume as many resources, thus achieving an improvement in the operation of the network and applications connected to it.
The basic function of the NetBalancer is to give priority to who needs it, for example, the program of file downloads selected as default, will use the internet even more than the other applications installed in the computer, that’s why with small configurations it will be possible to establish a limit for this program in the foreground not to consume the whole bandwidth and so the other applications in the background can use it and work correctly, but without interrupting the operations of the main one.
The main functions can be divided into four concretely; Establish a determined objective on downloads and uploads for the different processes, such as which is the high, low or normal priority or in such case to be able to limit them or block it completely; define the different rules that are going to be used for the network traffic; Show all the connections that are using the network; establish global limits so as not to saturate the broadband connection.
In general terms it is an application that can be quite useful, the same with variations in the configurations that can be modified according to the knowledge you have. You might be able to block connected devices completely or give them the highest priority so that others have a small connection available that won’t give you a lot of processing in downloading information.
That’s why this type of application has been quite popular in recent times, where you can with a few simple steps configure the different tasks you have in your administrator and establish who to give a high priority.
As far as operation is concerned, there is not much to highlight, it has a simple interface that goes straight to the point, where each of the names established for the different configurations and buttons will allow you to know what each one does so that you do not need any type of guide or documentation on the operation of netbalancer.
So for novice or expert users, this is a worthwhile application to have on your computer that could improve the performance of your network traffic and thus be able to download or upload files at a higher speed.


Download NetBalancer

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