Download Notepad++

Download Notepad++
Download Notepad++

Great alternative to a notebook as well as a great text editor for expert and amateur developers.


Download Notepad++: If you are looking for a multipurpose tool for notebooks but you can also use it for other functions in terms of text, despite being very light it has a great power so it is one of the alternatives that are widely used today, either to control text files or for developers in their work as a programmer.


Notepad++: An Overview

Notepad++ is a text editing application, better known as notepad. You can edit plain text without any problem replacing the traditional notepad. In addition to the function of handling plain text, you can make specific settings that will turn it into a text editor that supports more than 50 programming languages.

It has a degree of configuration and customization almost in its entirety, so you can even detect the syntax of different languages as you require one type or another, so you could set a different configuration for HTML or PHP files and one for java or c#.
In the same way, if you require it, you can visualize and manage several documents at the same time, from several windows, besides modifying all of them simultaneously, as these modifications are made in real time, any file you modify in one window, will appear with the changes made in another.
To highlight some of the supported languages are: C, Java, XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, Python, among others. Obviously its wide range of work makes it quite popular among the most knowledgeable of the subject, because it is a fairly light software with great working possibilities, each of the languages has its own way of displaying, managing and controlling the syntax, which is why depending on the language you use can make different functions, from completing words for greater speed, to the power to apply plugins that help improve the operation of the tasks.
As for the specific aspects visually, you can change the color of the screen, adjusting it for a better visualization and not affect your sight so much because of the constant realization of code. However, we can also talk about a particular plugin that could facilitate the work to a great extent, you can buy the code in several documents, this achieves that, by changing some essential aspect in some file, you can buy without problem with the other documents where there is a discrepancy of code, so you can detect more quickly the common errors of programming.
With so many possibilities, it is worth noting that despite being able to use it as a simple notebook for plain text, for the more expert users, they have a wide catalog for their projects without downloading large data packages for environments that in the end, can slow down your pc and not obtain optimal results, so using a light version that can be compatible with many languages is the best way to save space and system resources.

Download Notepad++

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