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Download NVDA
Download NVDA

Free screen reader for Microsoft Windows with the purpose of allowing visually impaired people to know what is on the monitor.


Download NVDA: People with visual disabilities should feel left out with the arrival of new technologies, they are advancing to the point of feeling more and more like they can’t enjoy them, that’s why there is software like NVDA where the disabled can listen to all the information on the monitor to perform research or tasks without any problem.

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)

NVDA: An Overview

NVDA is a free open source screen reader developed by NV Access, it gives people with blindness the possibility to use any type of computer, for this the system with a synthetic and mechanical voice will read all the content that is on the screen, this reader can be controlled by using the mouse placing it in the relevant area that you want to read, this way you can read all the content that is on the monitor.
Similarly, all the text on the NVDA monitor can be converted into braille, only if the users of the software have the correct device that allows this function, i.e. the braille display.
This software opens a great door and possibilities to people who thought they did not have it, giving them the opportunity of education and employment as well as access to social networks or to perform any task that nowadays most people do through the internet. This is because now in these times most jobs or any kind of activity is handled thanks to the networks.
It is convenient to talk about the great ease of using this system in addition to that just by downloading it to accept it on your computer or use it from a USB and take it anywhere you go is usually type of reading or program to perform this task are quite expensive but NVDA is a free software that has already been since downloaded more than 100000 times and also states gone to the vast majority of existing languages.
The main features of this great and powerful system include the great compatibility with most messaging software or web browser, these include what are email clients, to the various programs already existing office packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.In addition to its great portability, because it can be installed in any type of current architecture and carried on a pendrive to any location, it also has a voice synthesizer in a large number of languages and a spell checker if necessary for proper writing.
There is not much to say about NVDA, other than the great possibility it offers and the great support it is given to make it work in the best possible way this due to the innumerable tests that have been done, it will help a great number of users that for reasons that escape their hands have not been able to benefit from this current world as the internet is.

Download NVDA

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