Download Nvidia Profile Inspector Offline Installer

Download Nvidia Profile Inspector Offline Installer
Download Nvidia Profile Inspector Offline Installer

It is a lightweight application for windows O.S. Gamers and power users are well aware of Graphics card importance in System. Every Geforce graphics card requires a profiler to manage functions of it. Download Now

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Download Nvidia Profile Inspector Offline Installer: If you are into hardcore gaming or extensive graphic designing then you are aware of the importance of the graphic card and the GPU (graphics processing unit). GPU plays the most important role while playing heavy games which also known as AAA games/titles. Video editing, photoshop, graphic designing, animation, simulation, etc. are some other domains where the graphic card is extensively used. When the GPU is used for carrying out hefty tasks, it tends to overheat. This phenomenon takes place due to the overclocking of the GPU. This often leads to instability in the system. In the long run overclocking of the GPU can damage it permanently. To save the precious GPU from overclocking you should use the Nvidia Profile Inspector.

Download Nvidia Profile Inspector Offline Installer

What is Overclocking?

Every component of the computer is set to work at a certain speed or rpm. This is fixed by the manufacturer. The computer functions normally while running at this speed. However, at times the CPU is forced to perform faster than the predetermined speed. It has to complete more operations in a shorter span of time. This is also referred to as working at a higher clock rate. This phenomenon of increasing a component’s clock rate is called overclocking. It is a usual reaction of the computer when overloaded with tasks. Some people even deliberately overclock their CPUs to make it work faster. Overclocking leads to the overheating of the system as the cooling system isn’t capable to handle higher RPMs. This causes the computer to malfunction and in the long run, cause permanent damage to the component. Providing additional cooling is one way to deal with overclocking while an easier alternative is to use software like Nvidia Profile Inspector.

Brief Overview of Nvidia Profile Inspector:

If you have a GeForce graphics card in your computer then Nvidia Profile Inspector would prove to be an effective tool to prevent overclocking of your GPU. Nvidia Profile Inspector is designed to scan the system for the graphic card and the corresponding driver. It then provides information like the GPU type, memory time, driver version, fan speed, and even the clock speed. This enables you to not only monitor but also control the fan speed and the chipset clock speed.

Important features of the Nvidia Profile Inspector:

1. It is a freeware and can be downloaded easily from the internet. You can use the following link to download the software: 

Download Nvidia Profile Inspector Offline Installer

Download NVidiaProfile Inspector v3.5.0.0

2. It is extremely light which means it would not require a lot of space and memory.

3. The installation is very short and simple.

4. The interface is highly interactive and user-friendly and requires no special training or knowledge.

5. You can easily control a lot of settings of your graphic card.

6. You also set the fan speed depending on your requirements.

7. It can be downloaded and used on any version of windows.

8. It can also be used for all models of GeForce graphic cards.

Steps to use Nvidia Profile Inspector:

1. First, download the software form the link given above.

2. You will receive a zip file; extract the contents and you will find the setup file.

3. Run the setup file and the installation will get completed automatically.

4. Now run the program from the start menu.

5. It will automatically detect your card and the home screen will show all the information about your card and the driver.

6. Now you can conveniently tweak and alter the desired settings according to your requirement.

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Nvidia Profile Inspector is a very important tool that can prevent your GPU from overclocking and subsequently overheating. It can also help you monitor the running condition of your graphic card and take remedial action in case of an anomaly.

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