Download Office 2007 Professional Free

Download Office 2007 Professional Free
Download Office 2007 Professional Free

In this version of the Ms-Office 2007 Professional, the productivity suite has been expanded to include apps that it previously did not. Download Now

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Download Office 2007 Professional Free: Microsoft Office is a widely used product that first emerged in the year 2002. With its two updated versions in 2002 and 2003, Microsoft Office 2007 came after a wait of four years. And it proved to be worth the long wait. With close to two decades of service, the Office 2007 Professional suite is arguably one of the most significant contributions by the tech giant Microsoft to its global community of users. Introduced with a completely revamped look, the Office 2007 Pro version became a rage among PC users. From developers and professionals to writers and students, the 2007 version of the software has served many across the globe. Office 2007 Professional not only introduced an all-new interface but altered the file formats as well. On top of that, it added more applications to its collection while greatly enriching the existing ones’ appeal. Moulding Office 2007’s services to the needs of the business professionals, the Pro software presented many new enhancements to increase its versatility. To top it all off, Office 2007 Pro’s qualities like flexible interface and efficient features impressed the users all around.

Download Office 2007 Professional Free

Download Office 2007 Professional Free

Renewed Interface – Ribbon

One of the biggest changes in the 2007 Pro version of the software is the modernized interface. With a completely new look, this altered interface replaced the toolbars with a tab-style format, a change that continues to appear even today. In simple terms, the ribbon interface categorized different tools into a few tabs to make things more organized. Generally, the ribbons are available in Home, Insert, Design, Review, View and Mailings tabs across all applications. The old tiresome menu system has gone for the good. With this tabbed interface, the most commonly used features are available in the front tab itself. This changed look added a more sorted appeal to the applications. Users got more latitude to explore previously undiscovered and unused features in the applications. Numerous users worldwide, including Bill Gates, appreciated this change, stating that the grouping of features into tabs helped in rationalizing work. It is probably owing to this wonderful interface that Office users continue to stick to their good old 2007 Pro versions.

Changed File Formats for More Robust Files

An important change one can see in Office 2007 Pro is the replacement of previous formats with the open standard XML-based format. This makes the files more modular by saving every chart, table, graphic, etc. as a different module in the file. In case a module is corrupted, all other modules in a file are protected in this file format. This way this modular framework makes the documents more robust. It is also helpful in eradicating any harmful scripts in the Office documents. Basically, XML format adds an extra layer of protection to better safeguard the documents against any external threats.

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Different Components of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional

With the Office 2007 Pro, Microsoft has expanded its family of applications. In this version of the software, the productivity suite has been expanded to include apps that it previously did not. Here are some important updates available in the new applications of the 2007 Pro suite:

1. Word – To start with, the ribbon interface merges all the most important features into the Home tab in the front itself. Moreover, almost 90% of the commonly used features are clubbed into two or three tabs. In fact, you can also hide the tabs altogether and enjoy a better experience. It has also added various graphics including charts and diagrams in addition to the impressive Quick Style Palettes. The synchronized scrolling feature also allows users to pick off a document from wherever they left. More importantly, the application allows users to save the documents in different formats like PDF and XML. Overall, Word has seen a major upgrade is not just the appeal but also operations.

2. Excel – This app has been updated significantly in the Office 2007 Pro version. It now comes with a more massive space containing 1 million rows and 16,000 columns. Its enhanced charting features allow users to make 3D charts with several effects to choose from. The modified app also enables sharing these charts to word documents. Another interesting feature allows users to add coloured bars and use different colour schemes to better display the data. With this interesting feature, you can make conditional formatting to your document. The Live Previewing will allow you to try different combinations and review the outcome before finalizing it. This is an easier way to make charts in cases a chart is not necessary. With the Windows SharePoint server, users can manage their excel sheets from any browser online. This is targeted at the excel-powered businesses which utilize the application to meet their operations. In sum, Excel has been transformed into a more business-oriented version.

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3. PowerPoint – With an array of new and exciting tools, PowerPoint has been refined to its best. More themes, fonts, colours, and background choices have all collectively increased the application’s appeal. On top of that, the 2007 version comes with SmartArt to create enhanced charts, diagrams, and effects, just like Excel. It can also export PDFs and XML files, similar to its Word counterpart. The Slide Show view has also been updated to allow easier access to the timings and notes while presenting the show. To sum it up, PowerPoint has made PPTs all the more effortless and interesting.

4. Outlook – This app differs from the other applications in that it does not have a full ribbon user interface. But there are certain subtle enhancements to improve the app’s overall functionality. Outlook gives you a better way to organize your mails. With the flag reminders, users can place different reminders for the future. Other than that, the three-pane view has been changed to a four-pane interface for wider displays. You can also minimize the fourth pane which is only for listing to-do items. Users can quickly glance through any incoming or outgoing messages from the reading pane without actually opening it. Another important introduction is the Email Postmark which aims to reduce the spam. The sub-window has the ribbon UI with tabs for Message, Format, Insert, Options. The Search Box feature is much more efficient than its predecessor Find feature. Users can also link their Outlook app with Internet Explorer through the app’s Real System Syndication feature.

5. Others – In addition to upgrading these commonly used applications, Office 2007 Pro comes with several new changes in other applications as well. InfoPath and Groove, for example, have new looks while Publisher comes with a wealth of added features. SharePoint Designer and Visio apps also have the renewed overall appeal of the Office 2007 Pro. Office Communicator is an instant messaging platform shaped on the lines of the Windows Live Messenger. It is an effortless solution for texting, sending voice notes, and video media.

In essence, Microsoft has greatly enhanced its applications with this new version of the Office software. Not only that, but it has also added a whole range of new applications and changes to its family. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this expanded Office software was designed as an all-encompassing product to suit the needs of the next generation, from writing to business.

What are Office 2007 Pro’s Main Features?

  • More robust to recover corrupt files
  • Ribbon or tab-like interface
  • Worksheets load quickly
  • Office Communicator for instant messaging
  • Suitable for low spec systems as well
  • Lightweight software edition
  • Swift installation and operation

How to Download Office 2007 Professional?

You can download Microsoft Office 2007 Professional from the Below link. The setup is compatible with both 32 bit and 64-bit systems.

Download Office 2007 Professional Free

Download Microsoft Office 2007 Professional ISO

Download Microsoft Office 2007 Portable

Download Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus ISO

Some keys to activate:


What are Office 2007 Pro’s Shortcomings?

While the renovated interface impressed many, critics did not fall short in pointing out Office 2007 Pro’s drawbacks either. It is obvious that a complete overhaul of the applications would require some time to explore and get used to. Consequently, several recipients viewed it as a disruption in their usual work style. Users also complained that the tab interface is not intuitive and lacks the simplicity of the previous versions of the software. It is now harder to find certain features since the new UI does not follow the same listing of menus as its predecessors. At the same time, the ribbon pattern hogs up the screen space for its tabs with less room for the document itself.

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Microsoft Office 2007 Pro came out as a transforming product in the market. With a completely new look, the software outperformed its previous counterparts in not one but many aspects. Offering a wide range of enhancements, the company has upgraded its applications to augment utility and proficiency. The ribbon interface, one of the foremost highlights, has made working more flexible and sorted. At the same time, there is no denying that the UI change will take users some while to get a hold of. Nevertheless, users can enjoy better graphics, 3D charting, quicker functioning, and an array of other features while using the Office 2007 Pro suite. In essence, Office 2007 Pro is a well-designed software for people in all walks of life like professionals, students, writers, businessmen, and more.

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