Download Opera 46 final offline Installer

Download Opera 46 final offline Installer: Opera is known to be one of the best browsers that is compatible with both desktop and mobile phone. The developers are coming up with new and new versions so that a more reliable and fast browser could be created for the users. Previously, this Opera 46 version was only available for testing purpose but now the latest version is available for the user to download.

Download Opera 46 final offline InstallerDownload Opera 46 final offline Installer

The latest version of Opera has some of the most important features like that of an improved user interface, a number of crashes have also been improved, all the issues that were part of the built-in browser VPN have also been improved. Many new features like that of an ad blocker, battery saver, free VPN, speed has been improved, privacy and many more features. The latest version is a fast browser and is also based on the Chromium and Blink. The new version has more features to provide a better browsing experience. A very important feature known as the Discovery gives the user news from all across the world.

The installer is available for download in Windows, Linux, and Mac. So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Opera 46 final offline Installer with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Opera 46 final offline Installer for Windows (64-bit)

Download Opera 46 final offline Installer for Windows (32-bit)

Download Opera 46 final offline Installer for Mac OS

Download Opera 46 final offline Installer for Linux (64-bit RPM)

Download Opera 46 final offline Installer for Linux (32-bit Deb)

What are the features of the new Opera 46 Browser?

  1. In the new version, the user can enable or disable the bookmark by just visiting the Show Bookmark Bar. By clicking on the Heart shape icon, one can easily bookmark the page.
  2. By just staying the browser, the user can read any PDF document as Opera has now integrated with the PDF reader.
  3. The latest version also supports PNG and APNG.
  4. SVG favicons also work in Opera. These are images that are also used by the browser to represent a web page.
  5. It will run on Chromium version 59.
  6. It is safe and also offers a private browsing experience as compared to the previous version.
  7. The percentage of crashes have been improved and the latest version is even more stable.
  8. In order to save oneself from online threats, free and unlimited VPN feature is available.
  9. There have been some major changes introduced in the interface.
  10. Ad blocker facility has been installed to improve the browsing speed on the browser.
  11. All the expensive background will be controlled by Opera. Because of this, the processing power will be lowered and this will improve the battery life.
  12. To improve security, Opera will also block all the request from subresources that will also have credentials.
  13. In order to improve overall security, Opera will also block all the requests from HTTP and HTTPS documents.
  14. In order to make sure that there is consistency maintained across all the browsers, JavaScript will also be injected.
  15. A number of bugs and security issues have also been fixed in the system.
  16. Support for Shared Dictionary Compression (SDCH) has been disabled in the latest version.
  17. There is an in- built currency converter that will help the user to shop online without any problem.
  18. The latest version is easy to customize as per the requirement of the user.
  19. A feature known as the Video pop out feature helps the user to multitask.

How to check the installed Opera version?

  1. Open your Opera browser.
  2. On the Menu option, go to the option of About Opera.
  3. In this menu, all the information regarding the Opera will be shown to you.
  4. If your version is updated, it will show you that your version is updated and you will not have to update it.
  5. In case the version is not updated, the user can always download the link by visiting the site.

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  1. I love it. It is better than the old one. Congrats guys.

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