Download PaintTool SAI

Download PaintTool SAI
Download PaintTool SAI

Software to make different digital illustrations in a short time.


Download PaintTool SAI:When you have a computer with few resources but you need to make some kind of artistic and digital illustration, PaintTool SAI does not need large equipment and hardware resources to work and you can perform your activities in the most professional way as if it were Photoshop, the difference is that they make the illustrations as if they were paintings.

PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI: An Overview

PaintTool SAI It is a software used to return digital illustrative paintings where they have countless tools needed by any graphic artist. It is a great alternative for programs like Illustrator or Photoshop since it has different characteristics that distinguish it from them.
It is a program so complete and full of different options that you can use to make illustrations and digital editions with its large number of brushes and different levels of thickness or hardness, in addition to the multiple color palettes, where you can get any type of color desired. So you can include any type of texture to the drawing and a wide capacity to add layers to the program.
This software is designed exclusively for people with an artistic mind, this means that, while programs like Adobe illustrator are more specific to design and large scale works, PaintTool SAI is ideal for that creative mind that does not have a good canvas.
One of the most outstanding features of the software is its so called stabilizer, where you won’t have problems when you feel some tremor in your hands or the tablet you are using is very sensitive to touch, therefore you will be able to calibrate it so that the traces you make have a more fluid consistency.
At first sight it seems that the basic options of any type of design software known today are included, such as different brushes, erasers, watercolors of different colors, among others. The biggest difference lies in the simplicity and high quality that you can use to design your illustrations, as if it were a painting, for example you can create different curves if necessary in a few seconds but when you feel it is not of your convenience you will be able to retouch it section by section to change it as you see fit.
Regarding the interface for being so simple, it puts PaintTool SAI available to the palm of your hand that can be used without any inconvenience by any type of user, its aesthetics is optimized to be used in tablets as in any type of computer, perfect with a keyboard and a mouse to use the touch screen, all this so that any type of artist can work without any inconvenience no matter what hardware he has.
That’s why if you are looking for a way to say how this system works you can say that it works in a fluid way where with any computer or tablet you can carry out great creations and illustrations that could have a great visual impact. For the same reason if you are looking for a system that allows you to make any type of design or illustration and that does not exhaust the hardware resources with Download this software you will be able to solve your problem.

Download PaintTool SAI

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