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Download Pano2VR
Download Pano2VR

Simple tool used to create the feeling of immersion in image files.


Download Pano2VR: There are a number of effects that can be used on a large number of image files. That’s why software like Pano2VR will work to perform different operations regarding the dimensions and composition of an image, the same to provide an effect or feeling of being inside it.


Pano2VR: An Overview

Pano2VR is a powerful system that allows you to convert different panoramic photo and video files, or what they are in 360 degrees, into interactive virtual experiences where you can visually receive an incredible immersion.
For the same reason, it will allow you to publish panoramic images in a matter of seconds regardless of the project or type of file you are manipulating, regardless of whether it is a gigapixel panorama or some type of virtual tour with a large number of hundreds of nodes.
As far as the most outstanding characteristics are concerned you can notice the improvement in the image files this because sometimes in different occasions the panoramic views are not level and they have components that are not really necessary, what happens here is that you must straighten the horizon or remove the tripod, this can be achieved with a few simple steps and a few clicks giving a great result in a few minutes.
One feature that should be noted is that you can create any type of virtual tour regardless of the size of it or how big it may be. Pano2VR will help you assemble it in a quick and easy way using different automated filtered links and advanced node editing, as well as incorporating the map with the tour.
With this software you can also add different elements that will give you a better interactivity and immersion as directional sounds or videos to their panoramas also has a powerful mask editor where you can greatly customize the buttons and drivers, all so that the design can be adjusted to any type of screen in the best possible way, best of all is that these actions do not require any kind of coding.
That’s why you can easily see these spherical panoramas on the different display screens every time you want or when you open a file, a view of the planet or a video that can move through the different projections that are being displayed can be a good example.
In addition to what has been mentioned so far, it has a perfect tool for exporting in different formats from HTML, Flash, quicktime or in this case you could also use add-ons that will allow you to publish it directly on your web pages, as they are in current information managers such as WordPress or many more.
With what has already been mentioned, you can see how practical and functional Pano2VR can be. That is why with the wide range of possibilities it has, some knowledge is required, although not very complex. You only need to know what you want, what you want it for and with the program you can search or read a small online documentation where you can visualize the different tools at your disposal.

Download Pano2VR

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