Download PDF Candy Desktop

Download PDF Candy Desktop
Download PDF Candy Desktop

Versatile tool to convert PDF files into different formats for compatibility.


Download PDF Candy Desktop: It is always useful to have a tool that allows you to convert different documents in any type of format, that is why applications such as PDF Candy Desktop will allow you to locally convert any type of PDF file into any other, for full compatibility in the different text handlers or in this case the documents will be converted to PDF.

PDF Candy Desktop

PDF Candy Desktop: An Overview

PDF Candy desktop is a complete tool to convert different formats to any type of document, from PDF to any other for text editing or conversely convert them to PDF. Allowing a large number of configurations and accepting a large number of documents that can be modified to a great extent.
Despite having its desktop version it has a web version that offers a great amount of operations, but in this case we will focus on the desktop version.
As for the interface, it has a simple and elegant design offering different functions through a left sidebar, classifying the multiple operations that can be performed. The main workplace is managed so that you can activate the option you want and automatically continue with the rest of the procedure.
As for the different advanced configurations that this software has, you can process more than 300 PDF formats with different professional and elegant aspects, besides the possibility of creating different files in batches and adjust different options in the same documents, such as fonts or font styles giving the possibility to even modify the images of scanned files, where you can use the OCR with a variety of languages to distinguish what is written on the image, is taking into account the spelling correction offered by the application.
It is necessary to emphasize the great compatibility with different devices and types of file, as far as operating systems can be used from Windows 7 to the most current one, in fact it has been optimized so that it works in the best way in the different architectures of 32 and 64 bits.
In terms of functionality it has different working methods but all of them lead to the same conclusion: select the transformation you want to do, verify the operation and select the corresponding files, this will only take a few seconds which will result in having your document or file ready in the format you want, or in this case you could apply different passwords or remove them depending on the type of file you are handling.
You can see the great variety of operations that can be performed and that do not need almost any kind of resources to work properly. With the great popularity that PDF Candy Desktop has had, the developers have spent a great deal of time improving it and keeping it optimized, thus giving a software that you can take great advantage of if you are constantly doing work written in a variety of existing formats.

Download PDF Candy Desktop

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