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It offers uncensored internet access in countries where it is suffered, as well as a safe environment on public networks.


Download Psiphon: In different parts of the world there is censorship, but at the same time there are those who believe in freedom on the net so you can appreciate what you want without restriction, that’s why there are applications like Psiphon that seek to avoid these blockages, providing a completely free Internet and safe navigation.


Psiphon: An Overview

Psiphon is a web proxy used in a large number of devices to avoid the censorship imposed by the areas or countries, everything will depend on the content and place where you are, it provides a pleasant environment, displaying the information you want without concern or any kind of blocking, which gives you a complete air of freedom on the network.
Due to its open source characteristics, it has a powerful security engine that can avoid the different blockages, performing a set of analysis to the network according to the area in order to avoid the filtering systems applied that do not allow the visualization of a specific content.
In general terms, Psiphon has a single specific purpose, to grant free access to the Internet by avoiding arbitrarily applied information controls. With the wide popularity it has acquired in recent years, it has become the number one proxy used by casual users who need to overcome the barriers of international censorship.
If we take into account that today it is a human right to access the Internet, this software is only giving us the freedom we deserve in safe navigation on the web. So you can treat it as a means of virtual protest against world governments and their censorship to control the masses.
Psiphon started with HTTP proxy technology for secure connection to users connected anywhere and anytime, but in recent updates it has been enhanced with today’s VPN and SSH technologies so that the protection it provides has reached a much more advanced level.
One of the features that made it popular is the ease of navigation it offers, this means that you could be connected to a public WIFI connection and nobody would detect you, because it encrypts the information of the user who is connecting, thus avoiding detection, even avoiding the cookies offered by different sites and misleading advertising.
There is no doubt about the reliability it offers in the different security areas, but it also delivers a great browsing speed, something that the most current VPNs do not do, providing a slow and tedious navigation.
Without further ado, we can talk about a clear disadvantage, and that is that it is only possible to use the software by one device so if you want to use it on another, you will have to download it every time, but it is a small price to pay for a great protection in real time, with which you will have free access to content.

Download Psiphon

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