Download Rainlendar Lite

Download Rainlendar Lite
Download Rainlendar Lite

Calendar with great reminder functions and alarms so that you have an organized personal agenda.

Download Rainlendar Lite: For those forgetful people who are always with a thousand tasks, but can’t manage to have a good organization, Rainlendar lite is perfect to have an agenda ready for the week where you can plan at ease, each and every one of the activities you should do. It has a high degree of personalization on the visualization of events, so you can give it the look you want making it more pleasant to your tastes.

Rainlendar Lite

Rainlendar Lite: An Overview

Rainlendar Lite is a calendar software that integrates to any operating system, with alarms and tasks functions to perform, with a transparent interface that you can float on the desktop, to be able to see items in a more direct way as a reminder.
It will give the possibility to use several calendars at the same time, this in order to be more organized in different aspects of your life, for example, vacations, work activities, important dates, festivities, among others. The way you use this tool will depend completely on you, since it even has the possibility of data storage, as well as exporting it for a backup in case of emergency or to use it in some other calendar.
To name some of the characteristics that make it more outstanding, it has the support of events or tasks, for a better programming of tasks in the day, warning you about the concrete reminder, this with the possibility of adding sound or music so you can differentiate, what you should do more quickly.
By having a configured list of tasks, you can easily view them from the desktop as you see fit, Rainlendar Lite has a degree of customization that you can select largely as you want to show you all the information, it also has some advanced features, where they appear even more customization and functions in each of its alarms or calendars, basically give you a schedule that will leave you with plenty of time to perform any task you want.
If you want more customization, just adjust what you want or what you want the alarm for each hour of the day, you can take a schedule of meetings in a day, as well as for lunch time.
It has functions to share information of the calendar, besides synchronizing it with accounts of Outlook or Google calendar, for those that already have some type of organization with this they will join them to have a better control of the agenda, a great benefit that can be seen to Rainlendar Lite, is the great adaptability that it has, where their last versions are available not only for architecture of 32 bits, but for 64.
To finish, you only need a little bit of better organization in life so that you can see more profit in your time, if you think it is difficult for you to have that discipline, Rainlendar Lite will do the job for you so that you don’t have to think about complicated schedules that will make you lose productive time to do your tasks in the day.

Download Rainlendar Lite

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