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Realtek HD Audio Manager
Realtek HD Audio Manager


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Realtek HD Audio Manager Linux driver (3.0)

Realtek HD Audio Manager Windows driver

Before starting any installation process, we must remind you that to install Realtek HD Audio Manager it is strictly necessary that you make sure that your sound card has been manufactured by Realtek.

As we mentioned before, this administrator comes in the same installation package as the drivers, so before installing it, make sure you have the correct version, either 32 or 64 bits.

Download and save the file in a known location and when the download is complete, open that location and run the .exe file that you downloaded.

Choose the Yes option about allowing modifications to the system by this application and when the installation program starts, select the language, the country where you will run it, accept the license terms, and wait for the installation to finish.

Restart your computer and voila, the Realtek high definition sound manager will be installed and ready to use.

Driver audio realtek

What is Realtek HD audio manager

The Realtek Manager drivers fulfill the basic function of managing the audio input and output of our computer, whether it is a laptop or a desktop computer. 

So if we notice that after a system error or because we have formatted the PC, there is no audio signal, the problem will most likely be due to the lack of the sound driver, and the solution will be to find, download and install the appropriate drivers for the operating system that our PC has. 

You must know that there are other manufacturers’ alternatives to Realtek, so before downloading and installing any driver package or the Realtek audio manager, make sure that the motherboard of your PC is indeed equipped with a Realtek sound card.

Once you are sure that you have devices, you can install and use Realtek HD Audio Manager. This manager allows you to manage and control the audio and sound inputs and outputs.

From the main window of this application, you can configure each of the audio output devices, speakers, headphones, digital outputs, and also the audio inputs, that is, the microphones. 

Audio manager

You can also raise, lower, attenuate, balance, and add effects to the sound that is reproduced in the different audio devices associated with your equipment. Calibrate microphone options, modify background noise, recording volume, etc. 

You can open this manager from Windows startup, searching for it by name, or keep the option to open it activated every time it connects and recognizes an audio input/output device. 

Generally, the installation of this manager is linked to the installation of the Realtek driver and its installation file comes within the installation package, however, you can lose the administrator without losing the driver, so in the next section we are going to tell how to install it without causing any problem on your PC

Realtek HD Audio Manager Linux driver (3.0)

Realtek HD Audio Manager Windows driver

How to install

Once you have downloaded the Realtek device driver, you must unzip the package that contains a file with a .cab extension. For the decompression process, we advise you to use the WinRAR application.

Go back to the installation options window and select “Search my computer for the driver“. In a new window, you can find the directory that contains the Realtek driver. Click “Next” and wait a few seconds while the installation finishes. 

Also, you can choose to activate the sound driver in safe mode in Windows, and finally, you will have to restart the system.

Realtek HD Audio Linux driver (3.0)

Realtek HD Audio Manager Windows driver


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