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Download ScummVM
Download ScummVM

Emulator for old Point and click games for current systems where it is no longer possible to use them


Download ScummVM: For fans of old games or retros, ScummVM was created, video game emulator system used to remember those great adventures that can no longer be recreated in today’s computers because it is not possible to reproduce it, this emulator what it does is create the necessary environment to run and enjoy them without any inconvenience.


ScummVM: An Overview

ScummVM or also known by the acronym, Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion was developed with a specific objective, which was to create the graphic adventure Maniac Mansion, which over time and over the years, would be adapted, updated and improved greatly to create a large number of graphic adventures.
It has a great variety of options being able to modify both the system and the games to a great extent, in configuration, is where these customizations are made, there is a great amount of parameters with which you can improve or modernize the games you choose, these options depend mostly on the game so to enter you must enter from some game already selected and press edit game, affecting only the game in question, if you do it from the options button, it will affect all the games you have in your list.
One of the most important sections of ScummVM is the possibility to select different rendering filters to add an improvement in the quality and extend the graphic drawing of the game. The use of one or another of the interpolation systems that incorporates ScummVM will depend on the user, as you prefer, this because users have their different tastes, you can be the type of games with pixels or instead of smoother tracks that let you see the whole screen clearly. If you consider that the image has lost the right proportion to the screen for some reason you can use the aspect ratio corrector that could solve the problem or in this case use the full screen mode.
Once the game starts, it is also possible to manipulate the game options, where you can save and load games, modify the volume or the subtitles of the game and exit to the main menu. At the same time you can change the graphic filters by pressing the control hotkey+alt+1 and the filter changes according to the number you choose in the key combination.
One function that may be attractive to more experienced users should be taken into account, this refers to the command line under text terminal, which will be very useful for creating automatically running packages or scripts for specific functions, This can be seen the benefit when you want to make the modification of a game to make it portable or self-running, so you do not need any installation to enjoy it, it is then that despite being developed for most novice users, it was thought of experts who want to get a little more out of ScummVM.

Download ScummVM

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