Download Search My Files 12.0 for Windows

Download Search My Files 12.0 for Windows
Download Search My Files 12.0 for Windows

SearchMyFiles utility provide a special search mode that allows you to easily find duplicate files in your system. Find direct Download link to SMF.

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Download Search My Files 12.0 for Windows: Many software applications can be availed in the market that are designed in a way so that the users can easily perform all the search operations for finding out any kind of files and directories on a computer. However, all of them don’t provide an intuitive layout for helping you with the search process. Here comes Search my files which aims to blend advanced functions with a user-friendly approach for delivering the best search processes. The tool can easily be installed on your system or you can also run it in a portable way. The portable version of the software makes sure that it does not leave any mark in the Windows Registry. It can be easily copied on any USB flash drive or other devices. And you can carry it along with you whenever you require it or willing to perform any search operations.

Download Search My Files 12.0 for Windows

SMF – Search my Files features are

  • A good looking GUI,
  • Search files by location,
  • Search files and / or folders,
  • Poll Filenames and Locations in Long and Short (8.3) format,
  • Poll File Extensions,
  • Poll File Times (modified, created, accessed),
  • Poll Filesize,
  • Poll File Attributes,
  • Poll File Extended Attributes,
  • Filter by Extensions,
  • Filter by Attribute,
  • Filter by Filesize,
  • Filter by Filetime,
  • Free Filter by usage of RegEx.
  • Extract true file-type (using TrIDLib.dll),
  • Extract any info from media files (using MediaInfo.dll),
  • Calculate various hashes (md5, crc32, sha1),
  • Extract and analyze ADS Alternative File Streams from any file,
  • Free Filter by usage of RegEx.
  • Results can be saved and loaded,
  • Extensive SQLite driven Reporting Tool,
  • allows free querying,
  • any selection of files can be copied or moved,
  • deleted or erased.
  • md5 driven duplicate file detection is implemented,
  • simplified md5 calculation to achieve superior detection speed,
  • plus the file preview functionality of the report (jpg, pdf, mpg…, all previews supported by Windows Explorer),

Download Search My Files 12.0 for Windows

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Search My Files 12.0 for Windows with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Search My Files 12.0

Download Search My Files 11.0

It has a very well organized function, it enables you to select the locations from your device faster, it also enables you to apply various filters like file path, extension, name, size, comments, attributes and many more whenever you are willing to create any file and modify or access them you can turn to Search my files. You can also use the program to look for duplicate files in your system by gathering information regarding the file type, version, shortcut, HDD information, length, and many more details. This tool gives its users the chance of filtering the search results by various attributes including network drives. It also enables you to view the detailed information about the entire processes.

It can not be denied that the Windows search feature is not very sound and perfect and is quite limited to certain things. It lacks the necessary features that you need to conduct a search for pointing out huge quantities of files. Thus, when you are in need of conducting a search through the contents on your hard drive and filter the results at the same time, you must turn to SMF. This program, when installed on your hard drive, can be used directly or from a USB flash drive. It permits you to select specific locations where you can search for files and apply various filters quickly and smoothly. All you need to have is a general idea of what you want to search, and you are done. Everything you can find using these utilities in your hard drive. It also enables you to exclude hidden folders from your search results. In case you need to delete any files, you can also do that using this software. This is a fantastic tool for searching your files.

Technical Details of Search My Files 12.0

Latest Version 12.0
File Name
File Size 7.65MB
License Freeware
Supported OS Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7
Author Karsten Funk

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