Download SHAREit for Windows

Download SHAREit for Windows
Download SHAREit for Windows

Application for the transfer of information between different devices regardless of the operating system.


Download SHAREit for PC: It is something that happens very commonly when you need to make a backup or some kind of exchange of information between devices, but the different systems are not compatible or there can be a lot of errors that do not allow the task to be completed. Using applications such as SHAREit greatly facilitates the activity by being an intermediary between devices that will perform the transfer of data almost automatically.

Download SHAREit for Windows2

SHAREit for Windows: An Overview

SHAREit is an application that allows you to send from one device to another any type of file at high speed, including: photos, documents, music, videos and even entire folders, everything depends on the storage of the receiving device, performing this task in a few minutes depending on the size to send.
Now that you know what it is for, the next step is to know how to use it. It has no great complexity, to start the devices to perform the transfer must be connected to the SHAREit WIFI point (which you must create directly and configure).
It should be noted that each one must have installed the application adapted to its operating system, through this is that the information must be sent, the way to do it would be to navigate between folders or simply use the drag and drop action which is used in almost any application today.
With this it brings an advantage where you will not need any cable for the connection between the devices, allowing wireless transfer at a great speed, which is an incredible complement giving a better versatility and better compatibility between devices.
The truth is that in general terms it is a system that is quite practical to perform in wireless mode and transfer speed, in addition, you avoid the annoying intermediaries with cloud storage as the OneDrive, Google Drive, among others.
With the great features it has and functionality you can see the great performance it has and the great team behind it, they are well known as one of the most important computer companies currently under the name of Lenovo.
There are some essential aspects that should be named that can help you choose to use SHAREit; you will be able to send large data, that is to say there is no established limit; it doesn’t matter the type of device, as long as it has a connection to the app’s wifi network, thus avoiding the annoying connection cables; you will be able to explore the different files and folders in the connected devices without any problem; with a great transfer speed of more than 150 MB per second.
With only the transfer speed it offers, the advantage you get by just installing this software is remarkable, you don’t have to think about it too much to start using it, which also doesn’t need any special knowledge to use it, just the need to transfer at a great speed and without the annoying wired connectors that sometimes end up getting damaged and leaving the cell phone without connection means.

Download SHAREit for Windows

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