Download Skype 8.17 Offline Installer

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Download Skype 8.17 Offline Installer: Microsoft has launched a new version of Skype, 8.17 for all its Windows, Mac and Linux users. It is now available for download and installation and the download links are given below in the article. It is an online installer which is faster to download because it’s only 1.5 MB size file. However, it requires an internet connection as it’s not a Skype Offline installer and may take a few minutes for the installation to be completed. Instead, you can download Skype 8.17 Offline Installer from the below-listed links.

Download Skype 8.17 Offline Installer

Latest Features of Skype 8.17

Skype 8.17 has come up with many impressive features making it advantageous to switch to the latest edition, such as:

  1. It has increased its security and now provides end-to-end encryption for calls and chats.
  2. The group video call features have got a huge boost as it now supports group calls for up to 25 persons with 1080p HD resolution, who can now mention specific members in the call and can also generate group invite links.
  3. Unlike the earlier versions of Skype, Skype 8.17 is cloud-based and synchronizes chat history with Microsoft servers so that chat history is secured even in case of corruption of Windows.
  4. You can now send images, files and also screenshots and recordings through text messaging and also via video messaging.
  5. Skype translator helps the user overcome the language barrier both on messages as well as calls.
  6. Skype 8 has a flat design concept with the same UI elements on the desktop and mobile devices.
  7. The current redesign is mobile friendly with quicker access to calls, contacts, and chats.
  8. Skype’s layout like color and theme can now be customized by the user according to their preference.
  9. Large documents and files up to 300mb in size can now be easily sent.
  10. With changes to the messenger tab settings, the gallery can now store all media files.
  11. Users can also share locations and insert GIFs in their chat windows.
  12. They can also forward messages and react to chats as well as get read receipts for them.

While Skype 8 has the above-mentioned features which are advantageous to the users, some things need to be kept in mind when talking about the latest update by Microsoft which may not be quite so desirable, such as:

  1. It no longer has the legacy notification system.
  2. The taskbar doesn’t have the status changes and alert sounds.
  3. The user can no longer set their status to ‘away’.

Pre Installation Check

Before installation, it is important to check the system requirements for Windows, Mac, and Linux respectively as they are all different. One of the important steps prior to updating and installation of any software is to check the current version which can be done by following these steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to sign in onto your Microsoft account on Skype.
  2. Then you need to click on the display pic in the Skype window which will be at the top left.
  3. After scrolling down, then you need to select ‘about
  4. In case a new version is available for upgradation, doing the above steps will now automatically download and install it on your system.

Download Skype 8.17 Offline Installer

Skype 8.17 can now be installed on your system ( Windows, MAC, Linux) using the links given below:

Download Skype for Windows (Stable release)

Download Skype for Windows (Preview release)

Download Skype 8.17 for Mac

Download Skype 8.17 for Linux (Debian)

Download Skype 8.17 for Linux (RPM)

Download Skype 8.17 for Android

Download Skype 8.17 for iOS

Download Skype 8.17 for Windows Mobile

Download Skype Portable  (Skype 7.40 classic)

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