Download SmartFTP

Download SmartFTP
Download SmartFTP

FTP client that allows the transmission of files between local computers and the Internet server.


Download SmartFTP: At any time you have felt the need for a private storage where you can keep information from anywhere and from the computer you want, for that there are several FTP clients, but one in particular could be the one that has more features that make it superior to others. With SmartFTP you will be able to connect to any type of remote or local server, for a fast and secure file transfer, guaranteeing different functions that can be adjusted to all your needs.


Download SmartFTP: An Overview

SmartFTP is an FTP client or also known as File Transfer Protocol, it will allow a fast file transfer from your computer anywhere to a virtual location on the network that only you can access as your private cloud storage. It has great options from basic to advanced that make it a powerful, simple and fast tool capable of adapting to the wide variety of environments that exist.

You can appreciate a great amount of advantages but everything in the amount of uses that can be given him. For example, for the specialists web developers will be able to speed up the loading of images, publications, web maintenance, among others. For more creative uses there is the upload and download of files in general, such as documents, movies or music.

On the other hand, we must mention the capacity of the automatic transfer of files managed, where you can choose what and when should be stored and where it should be done, likewise these files can be accessed from anywhere with only a stable internet connection. 

To name a few more outstanding features, you should take into account the incorporation of a content preview during the transfer, to be able to compare specific directories, to make schedules of when the transfers should be made in addition to compressing data to save storage space, has a number of other possibilities that if you gradually explore you can find what solves your concern.

As for its operation, SmartFTP can be a bit technical for beginners, but equally it will not be difficult to use it, the application has a large community that can help anyone with any questions you have, likewise the wide variety of video tutorials on the network will not be out of place. For an easy transfer you just have to configure where to save the information and then just drag and drop files, which makes it an intuitive way to handle any data that is familiar to everyone which will help make them feel comfortable trying this new software.

While these functions may be easy to understand in theory, SmartFTP’s medium difficulty will make them confusing at first, but the idea is to keep going until you understand the concrete functions and benefits that using this app will bring, therefore, to conclude, this system is a very fast and flexible file transfer protocol that can be adapted to the user’s skills with its basic and advanced functions.

Download SmartFTP

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