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Specialized software to keep all computer software updated.


Download SUMo: You always have the need to maintain in perfect condition each one of the software of your computer, but you may not have the adequate knowledge to do it by yourself, it is there where SUMo will be able to help you by performing that task for you in a periodical and automatic way, leaving you time with less worries to dedicate more to other important tasks.


SUMo: An Overview

SUMo is a powerful tool that will allow us to keep the operating system completely updated, scanning and verifying the different updates of each of the applications that you have in your computer. In this way you can be sure that you have the latest version of the programs or if so, you know if there is one that you should be aware of. Its easy handling will also allow you to check the most important events in these updates as well as the popular opinion about how they are working.
As far as their operation in general is concerned, the most important features can be named, which can be quite interesting:
Detect any software that is installed on the operating system.
Search for the latest updates or patches for each installed application.
At the same time it can also detect driver updates.
You can filter to authorize beta versions, this must be done in user configuration.
Automatic update but only available in PRO version.
Choose which software you want to check for updates.
To start using SUMo, just click on the options you need, first you can start with analyze or compare, and then get the complete list of each of the software installed on our system. The same result will bring a report on both minor and major updates that need to be addressed immediately. In the same way you will be able to verify the information of each one of the software that is installed, from the name of the system, to the developer or the version that you use.
Once you have all the information of the report, you have different alternatives to follow with each of the detections made. You can update, decide that it is not important and postpone it, run the program or simply delete it, among a large number of other options, it is worth noting that you should be aware that if we want to pose to a later version of the software, SUMo will send you directly to the download link of those earlier versions so you do not have to worry about an exhaustive search, but it should be said that most of these links are removed so that users can only download the new versions.
should not be left out, the option to remove, this does not uninstall the programs, what will do is avoid being notified of any type of update on that particular software, this for the systems that you consider can be left in its current state. To finish, you could also configure the frequency with which SUMo will notify you about the installed programs and if any of them requires an update, this is a task that can be done regularly, at least once a month.

Download SUMo

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