Download System Information Viewer

Download System Information Viewer
Download System Information Viewer

Tool to diagnose and get information from CPU configuration.


Download System Information Viewer: Presumably at some point you have needed information from some component that has your CPU, ie some of the hardware, which is why, System Information Viewer (SIV) will provide the information you need in a lightweight and powerful software, which will analyze each of the physical aspects of the computer revealing the exact details of it.

System Information Viewerrmation Viewer

System Information Viewer: An Overview

System Information Viewer (SIV) is a compact and easy to use tool that allows you to know each part of the computer in detail, in addition to the most basic configurations that will be useful information to know all the operation of the CPU.
One of the most striking features is that it does not require any installation, you can extract all the program files in any folder and start directly the executable file is a fully portable program that you can take anywhere if you require so to diagnose the computer at any time, in short you can manage the CPU or hardware you require without having to modify any existing application in it.
It has an easy to understand interface where the information is displayed completely so you do not need to go anywhere else, here will be a window with each of the components and detailed information of it if you want you could enter each of the modules and different configurations that will be adopted according to the needs you have.
In a real time view you will be able to visualize the use of the resources by the computer, this includes the memory of the disks, the types of files and the cache of the different applications currently running, along with a great set of details and its separate section according to what you are going to visualize.
In this way you could also check the information of the installed drivers and several concrete data of the network from the IP addresses to the DNS names, everything will depend on the concrete areas that you want to check, in general terms you could make a diagnosis of the whole system.
There is no doubt that system information viewer has enough attractive features for any constant user in the computers, this because it will allow you to verify the performance of the CPU and how it is handling the amount of resources you are using with this you will be able to know the pressure that is exerted or the overload, so you can verify the different functions that lead to this state, so you can evaluate it and correct it to have a more efficient life.
To conclude, although it is a fairly simple system should be taken into account for the benefit of the CPU, also comes with a great advantage, no advanced knowledge is needed for any type of user can use it without any problem, you just need to have the ability to evaluate and verify what happens in your computer.

Download System Information Viewer

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