Download Treesize Professional

Download Treesize Professional
Download Treesize Professional

Powerful hard disk space manager where you can track which files are using which part of the disk.


Download Treesize Professional: In those moments where you have a full hard drive, but you don’t know exactly what, is where you should start an analysis of all the files you have in this way to optimize your valuable available space that is full of garbage. Treesize Professional will take care of finding each file that is on the computer so you can view it and delete it or just check why the amount of space is being used without your knowledge.

Treesize Professional

Treesize Professional: An Overview

Treesize Professional is a disk analyzer, looking for each of the storage data you currently have, in order to know every detail of what you have on your hard disk.
This work of space management and disk analysis is something completely necessary, although many do not see it that way, this because at any time you’ll be in the situation of even having duplicate files that you did not even know, with the easy visualization of Treesize Professional you can check with a drop-down list file by file both a complete view of disks and entire folders.
In the same way you will be able to have a visualization by statistics, diagrams and percentages, helping to a better localization of where it occupies more space, this way to look for from the heaviest files, until the lightest, everything for a simple navigation with which you will find data more easily.
If you require it you will be able to obtain a detailed view of the individual files, that is to say you can consult up to the minimum details of everything that you want that is in your disk, of the same way you will be able to make an export of the results for a better view and better ordered in Excel, pdf or more.
With its easy interface will be very easy to configure to check several or a single disk, from smartphones, tablets or different partitions, where you can select the display that you think is best, this way only check a particular space streamlining the work by only focusing on one, but if you want you can perform the search simultaneously or even an entire network environment, the possibilities are great in terms of analysis power of Treesize Professional.
In general, you will have a complete file manager where you can modify, create or delete if necessary, but in addition to that, it has the option to execute command lines that will automate all these operations, so it is already quite fast and simple, but you can do it even faster and with better performance.
With the already mentioned it is possible to notice that you don’t need great knowledge in computer science for the use of this system, the toolbar is so intuitive that you don’t need of any type of guide, already the options are established so that with alone a click you can make your analysis to the disks that you want, it is for it that this software is one indispensable to have a clean PC and without waste of space.

Download Treesize Professional


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