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Download Ultrasurf 18.06: UltraSurf has over the years, grown into one of the most important antivirus software. It aims at protecting your privacy online and also helps in hiding IP addresses and will also clear your browsing history along with cookies. This tool was first used in China and there it was used as a tool to block websites and now has reached a level where the same can be used worldwide for protecting the system. The best part about this anti-virus software is that it hides your IP. So, all those companies that are trying to reach you through advertisements will not be able to reach you. This is because the cookies are hidden from all the servers that are used to redirect the traffic to the websites.

The loading time for all the websites will not decrease with the help of this encryption tool, this is because all the pages are compressed and stripped down of any third party content. This software does not need any installation, all a user has to do is unzip the file and run the file. This is free service, that is provided by the company named as UltraReach. This company is headquartered in the US. Now, this company has a global user base. Customer support is also available with the help of YouTube and it also has a user center on the site of the website. This software is very easy to use. This program will open Internet Explorer by default, but in case if you want to change the preference, this can always be done in the preference menu. On the screen, a gold lock icon appears in the system tray area, which will show that you have been encrypted through the proxy.

Download Ultrasurf 18.06 Offline Installer

Various features of UltraSurf Review?

  1. Some of the most important features of this antivirus software include its ability to define proxies, it uses a local port, it automatically deletes cookies and history, it automatically starts and stops the internet browser, etc.
  2. It also protects your privacy online as it allows you to surf anonymously and also lets you browse through the website without any delay.
  3. It also protects your data transfer.
  4. It also does log. These logs might not be retained for a long period of time, but the software uses this data to check the performance of the network. This service also filters content, the users may not be able to reach adult sites and some other content over the network.
  5. The speed of scanning is very high. This software is also accessible in nature and it does not involve any charge. This is a standalone application that will not require any installation. In an hour’s time, the user will be able to change the IP address a million times in an hour.
  6. This is invisible- this is because it will not leave traces on the computer. No registration is required. This software also boasts of being untraceable in nature as it does not disclose the identity of the user.

Download Ultrasurf 18.06 Offline Installer

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Download Ultrasurf 18.06

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