Download Universal USB Installer

Download Universal USB Installer
Download Universal USB Installer

Tool that serves as a wizard for creating a USB with an operating system installed.


Download Universal USB Installer: It’s always good to have some kind of method at hand to make different configurations on any computer or simply to recover information from a damaged operating system, for this you need a method to enter the computer’s records without having any system available that allows you to visualize the information. That is why Universal USB Installer will serve you to have the distribution of different operating systems through a USB.

Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer: An Overview

Universal-usb-installer is a software that facilitates the task of mounting an ISO image of some operating system on a USB device, so that it can be installed without any problem on the selected drive and can be used later.
This type of software exists because installing an operating system through a memory, pendrive or any other type of device, is not something that is done like transferring some file or folder, rather for this you have to perform a succession of steps in a certain procedure that ensures the installation and proper functioning of the computer or laptop and already in these times the traditional method of installation through CD has been left behind for the technological advance to the USB ports.
What is this software for? The only function that it has is to install the operating system to the USB device, that is to say they are only dedicated to the creation directly of the boot through a memory or pendrive booteable.
What operating systems are supported? The systems that can be installed are practically of any type, be it Linux, its different distributions or any type of Windows operating system.
For obvious reasons Linux being a free operating system is not used by many users, but it is good to have the option if necessary. On the other hand Windows, which is more commercial, can be used without any problem by those who want to use it.
To use this software you don’t need any extra knowledge, to start you need to download it and which comes in a portable version, likewise have available an ISO image with the operating system you want to install either Windows or Linux distributions.
Once you have both files you just need to run the Universal USB Installer and follow the simple steps for installation, i.e. open the tool, select the different options from the list as to the operating systems you are going to install and finally choose the device you want to turn into a bootable USB.
As for the requirements is not necessary a powerful hardware to run it, you need at least a memory with 2 GB, a Windows XP or more current and 5 GB of space on the pendrive, with this you can run Universal USB Installer, which I am sure will get you out of more than one rush when you must format a computer.

Download Universal USB Installer

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