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Download USB Show
Download USB Show

Software that allows to unblock files hidden by some type of malware.


Download USB Show: It has always happened that when you connect your USB device to an unknown computer, it starts to behave strangely. This is due to some type of malware that causes most of the files to end up hidden, so you cannot access them, at least not in an ordinary way.

USB Show

USB Show: An Overview

USB show is a free software that is also very simple and has a precise function is to give users the freedom to free their USB device from any malware that is dedicated to hiding the files that are inside it.
Why does this happen? Any type of USB device or memory stick can be the anchor for the different types of malware that exist, which in turn can end up infecting different computers where it connects through it, so it is essential to have software that can make the virus disappear and at the same time recover all those files without any type of complication.
USB show performs a complete scan of all the drives you want to look for different folders or hidden files, so you can then check it with antivirus to make sure the existing malware has disappeared, in this way the scan performed by USB show not only allows you to detect hidden files. It also detects files that have disappeared or been deleted by accident.
In order to use USB show you don’t need to have extensive knowledge, you only need to download it, which will last a few seconds due to its small size in megabytes and can be run without the need to install it due to the portable system.
Once you have run it, you will have to choose the language and just by clicking on the recover hidden files button, you will only have to explore the drive that you consider to be the one that needs to be analyzed and the analysis will start. With this you will get any type of hidden file or file and what it will do is return them to their normal state as well as remove any trace of the malware that made this defect.
Once the detection of the different files has been carried out, they will appear but this does not mean that each of these files will be free of viruses, but the general that made them disappear from that one does not have to worry any more, but even each of these different assets could contain some type of malware so it is advisable to analyze it with an antivirus.
To conclude, you can see that this simple and effective software is easy to use, with an interface that goes straight to the point, so much so that you only have to press a button to regenerate the device you want and unblock the various files hidden by some type of malware.

Download USB Show

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