Download Valentina Studio

Download Valentina Studio
Download Valentina Studio

Tool that facilitates the use and creation of Valentina's database by integrating a powerful editor and builder for specialized queries.


Download Valentina Studio: For programmers who need an efficient and powerful database manager, Valentina Studio is a tool with which you can create, edit and manipulate SQL code, as well as structure advanced schemas for database queries and establish tables according to what is required in the present project.

Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio: An Overview

Valentina Studio is a powerful tool for managing databases both MySQL and SQLite or PostgreSQL and Valentina. It comes with tools to track connections on servers and local databases with an intuitive panel where you can make advanced schema editions and SQL code builder, plus a tool for diagnosis and the possibility of data transfer.
In its startup panel you will be able to see all the servers and databases that are connected at that moment. You can also configure new connections or alter existing connections directly from the server. If you want to create a SQLite or Valentina database you will be able to do it without entering complex codes. You will only need a few clicks to establish the database specifications you need.
In addition, with Valentina Studio you will be able to create entire projects that will result in complex queries that can be executed directly in the database, along with external resources that will be able to use it for a correct information manipulation.
In this way you will be able to generate complete reports from already analyzed data or in this case, establish a customized report, which you will be able to do directly in Valentina Studio’s integrated editor, offering basic options for text editing and format control for an attractive visual design.
Due to the possibility it offers with its integrated data editor, handling a large set of information is much easier, because it already brings detailed data about the different databases you have and you can directly edit objects or manipulate tables in their entirety, both fields or indexes, as well as restrictions or searches within the database.
In addition, being able to visually create the relationships that are necessary for a correct execution to the database. In general terms, with Valentina Studio managing databases and executing advanced queries will be a much easier task, since the visual environment it offers us as an intelligent combination of tools that facilitate data manipulation and easy use, will provide a good support for new users in the management of data information
To conclude, this system makes your work much easier by not having to make complicated codes and just a few clicks to have your database ready, but includes the editor with which you will be able to enter your own codes for a more personalized and advanced experience.


Download Valentina Studio

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