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Download Viddly
Download Viddly

An easy way to download videos from different platforms and convert them to MP3 or MP4 format.


Download Viddly: On the Internet there is a large amount of software that serves to download videos from any type of platform, however most of these turn out to be few and far between in download speed. That’s why Viddly is a software dedicated to downloading from platforms such as YouTube will help you have on your computer any video in the format you want, in addition to the most popular such as MP3 or mp4 with a great quality of video and sound.


Viddly: An Overview

Viddly is an application with a small interface and simple design to download videos from platforms such as YouTube. With a simple function where only copying the Url of the video you want or playlist and you can choose the format you want to download the files.
YouTube is one of the most widely used video applications today. Viddly is intended to have 100% compatibility for better control of the videos and the transformation into the different existing formats. That is, the purpose of this application is to provide a service for downloading high quality videos and audio.
To highlight a set of features more prominent of this application can be taken into account a high speed of integrated search that has, in addition to its light weight for better performance on the computer in the same way will support full resolution videos HD 4k and 8k up to about 60 fps. You will be able to convert any type of video into audio formats such as MP3. In addition, to select an entire playlist and download it with a single URL so you can save any type of video in the most popular files and formats existing on your computer.
That’s why with your downloaded videos you can ignore any of those annoying propagandas and different notifications that can interrupt your video viewing. If in such case you want to avoid losing videos that are already on the platform, it will be a good way to make a backup of each one of them, or if it is necessary to convert them into an MP3 format to listen to them whenever you want. This way, if you want, you can access each of the files without having to connect to the Internet.
To use this software you do not need great knowledge just follow a few simple steps to get your video in high resolution, the first is Install the application and downloaded just follow the instructions to proceed and run the installation of the system then you should only select the video with the integrated browser or copy the url directly into the application so that it is detected automatically then you should only select the output format is MP3 or mp4 for reading on the computer and finally click the Download button and wait for the system to download at the highest possible speed

Download Viddly

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