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Excellent screen recorder to be able to capture what you do at all times and save it in a high quality file.


Download Vidmore Screen Recorder: There are times when a recording of any kind is necessary, either because it’s easy to edit on the PC or because it’s the best option available at the moment. With software like Vidmore Screen Recorder, it can be an integral solution for all types of high quality recordings, providing the most complete product possible that competes with the big ones on the market.

Vidmore Screen Recorder

Vidmore Screen Recorder: An Overview

Vidmore Screen Recorder is a screen recording software with easy functionality for any type of user to use, you can capture the entire computer screen, record videos even in HD quality, take screenshots of any type of data you see, and this will depend on the needs and what areas of the screen you need to record, but you could even record a game session or videos online or via webcam at a very high quality, but to be more complete will also be able to record audio of what is on screen.
In terms of outstanding features, you can notice that it is easy to record any computer screen, games or live broadcasts from any webcam, in addition to music and be able to save screen shots of any kind of information that is on the monitor.
In addition, with Vidmore Screen Recorder you can edit a video with a real-time function to manipulate and add text, arrows or different forms in the recording, likewise be able to schedule times for recordings, both the start and end time, ie the total duration of the video, likewise can set the output format in case such a complete video or a gif file.
As for the operation everything can be done in a few simple steps so that any type of file can be recorded in a second:
Step 1. select the recording this can be full screen, a fixed region or a freehand part which you can set without any problem in this way to suit any monitor and recording needs.
Step 2. click the speaker icon to activate the sound and get the corresponding information when the recording starts
Step 3. click the record or rec button to make a real-time recording of whatever is currently on the screen.

To conclude, you can see the possibilities that Vidmore Screen Recorder allows you to record, and that it can even compete with the most powerful screen recorders in the industry today. It’s worth trying it out, so you can see its benefits for yourself, also because it has a simple, easy-to-use interface that goes straight to what you need, which is effective, high-quality recording.


Vidmore Screen Recorder

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