Download Visual Studio Code 1.25
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Download Visual Studio Code 1.25: Microsoft has recently released the latest version of Visual Studio Code. A very important feature of this is the portable mode. This is a very important feature that the developers have been using for a very long time. This will allow the users to run the application with the help of a USB drive and that too the user does not have to install the application.

Download Visual Studio Code 1.25

Download Visual Studio Code 1.25

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Visual Studio Code 1.25 with the help of the below-listed tutorial:

Download Visual Studio Code 1.25 for Windows (64-bit)

Download Visual Studio Code 1.25 for Windows (32-bit)

Download Visual Studio Code 1.25 for Mac OS

Download Visual Studio Code 1.25 for Linux (RPM)

Download Visual Studio Code 1.25 for Linux (DEB)

New features of the Visual Studio Code 1.25?

Grid Editor Layout: The user will now be able to arrange editors, both vertically and horizontally. There are three editors that are present side by side. If there is a flexible layout, empty editors can also be created. If you close the last editor of the editor group, it will close the group also. But this setting can also be changed altogether with the new features that have become part of the latest version.

Visit the View menu, followed by Editor layout menu, and you will be able to see all the predefined set of layouts. All the Editors that will open to the side, which means that they open to the right-hand side- it happens after clicking the Split Editor action. In order to adjust the editor layout, there are a number of commands that are available, all you need is a keyboard. In case you do not want to use the keyboard and prefer using a mouse, it can be simply done with the help of drag and drop option. This is, in fact, a faster way to split the editor, in whichever direction you want.

Outline View: This view will now be enabled by the default action. You will find this option in the bottom of the File Explorer. Once you open it, you will see a tree symbol which tells you about the currently active editor. There is also an input box which helps the user in finding filters and also the symbols. In the Outline view, the user also gets to see all the errors and the warnings. This is a very important feature as you will get to know the location of the problem and will then be able to solve in a much faster way.

Portable Mode: This latest version now also supports the Portable Mode. With the help of this mode, all the data that is created and maintained by the Visual Studio Code will be available at the installation. The user will now be able to move the code through any environment they want, they can move it across the USB drive also or they can also share the file across any platform. This mode is easily supported by the Windows and Linux and the users will now be able to download the same. If you are a Mac user, you will also be able to download the same. If you wish to drop your files or your folders into an empty space, this is also possible in the latest version.

Floating debug toolbar: In the latest version, it has been taken care that the overall experience of the user is improved while using the Floating debug toolbar. In the last survey that was conducted, it was understood that the user wants to the toolbar to be visible most of the times and there should not be any hidden stuff. So, in the latest version, the company has unchained it and the toolbar would be now easily dragged to the editor area. It will surely all those users that have the habit of using the editor tab a lot but at the same time, they also want to see the debug toolbar at all the times.

Extensions: In the previous version, there used to be a section for Installed extensions and there used to be a section for Recommended extensions. All the extensions that were installed but were also disabled at the same time made it really difficult to interact with each other. In the latest version, there is a default setting, in this case, the Enabled extension will be shown to you first and after that, the user will be able to see the Recommended extension. At the bottom of the bar, the user will be able to see Disable extension.

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That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Visual Studio Code 1.25, but if you face any issues then feel free to ask your questions in the comment’s section.