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Download VoiceMeeter
Download VoiceMeeter

Useful program for sound editing, especially used in applications, video games or video calls.


Download VoiceMeeter: A software that is always especially useful for recording videos of different kinds such as podcasts, gameplays, among others. They are the audio editors, you always need one where you can manipulate all the sound sources to improve its quality and that there is no doubt about what is being shown and said, that is why there are applications like VoiceMeeter.


VoiceMeeter: An Overview

It is a mixer of audio sources from different types of devices, the same can be added a wide variety of effects, so you can manipulate the degree you want no matter if it is music, movies, a skype call or even the same sounds of video games, all this can make a unique mix to apply your own personal touch to any sound.
It has an interface quite easy and simple to use, giving the feeling of being very intuitive, if you have a computer with a touch screen, the application is compatible with it so you can manipulate without any problem, touching the buttons that are both well organized and have their sliding manipulations, plus a fairly clear text with indications that are specific to what makes each action.
This way it has a sound previewer that will be updated in real time giving great security in the values that are being shown so you can be aware of everything that happens at the moment.
In general, the main window presents different panels that are quite well positioned and have a very attractive visualization, these show their own controls, as well as the sliding handles, likewise presents a drop-down menu where you can choose the input devices, they can be connected directly to the computer that will be read by the Windows operating system with a limit of two, but if you require it you have a virtual input available to have an additional capacity.
As for the functionality it has a small amount of effects where you can also add additional components or audio files, all this for a live processing of different sound sources, basically will be based on applying the changes or effects just between the data to be manipulated.
One of the most outstanding features offered by the application is the use of the slider, it will implement some fade effects or changes in frequency and measured from high to low, unfortunately there is no tool for recording with this function so if you need to use it and want to record the final result, you need to use some extra application.
In conclusion, VoiceMeeter does an excellent job when it comes to audio modification and live sound mixing, so it can make different recordings but I’m its specialization, it’s on the air at the moment. It will result in a high quality sound with a simple design that is quite adaptable to the different hardware that exists and with a precise manipulation in functionality and controls.

Download VoiceMeeter

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