Download Wickr Desktop Messenger

Download Wickr Desktop Messenger
Download Wickr Desktop Messenger

Instant messaging application that allows sending encrypted messages that are self-destructive.


Download Wickr Desktop Messenger: Security is a priority nowadays, keeping each of your messages safe should be the priority when developing applications for communication, which are becoming more popular every day, in this case Wickr Me allows the sending of secret or encrypted messages from point to point maintaining the security of each of your data in the same way the message will be self-destructed so that it cannot be read by third parties.

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Wickr Desktop Messenger: An Overview

It is an instant messaging service that focuses on information security giving the appearance of having some kind of military grade to send or receive messages, since each of the data they contain, ie any type of information no matter what, are images, videos, voice notes or text, everything will be highly encrypted and will have a self-destruction set within six days, but if you want to configure it you can download these countdown values so that the self-destruction is done according to the convenience you prefer.
Wickr Me is an application that is already free and has extensive security, providing a fairly competent service despite not needing a subscription, for it to work properly it is understood that each user must have the application installed, so that both the sender and receiver must have an active account.
The process to create an account in this application is quite simple, where with just a few minutes you can finish the process and you will have it available, this application is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.
As for the configuration for message expiration time, these can be set from three seconds to six days, the style of secret chats is quite common as used by telegram or compared to other applications such as Snapchat.
Wickr Me ensures that each of your messages will be permanently deleted so that you cannot access them again for any kind of operation, however there are applications that even though they claim this, have been proven not to comply, Wickr Me to this day offers any user that manages to find any error in their lines of code a reward of $100,000.
Over time, it has been adapted by applying different settings for a more interactive chat, such as filters as if it were an instagram or stickers, as well as being able to draw on it.
In general terms it has quite common characteristics of any instant messaging and even groups, the only limitation is that it can reach up to ten participants.
However, it is an application that is worth trying, it offers a wide variety of activities with which you could interact, they could be to your liking, thus allowing great privacy so that no one can access your messages.

Download Wickr Desktop Messenger

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