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Download Winamp
Download Winamp

This is a multimedia software that allows the playback of audio files for Windows, Mac and Android.

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Download Winamp, the well-known media player application.

Software that supports a broad range of file types, including MP3, MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 audio layers 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, and WMA, and is mostly used for playing audio.

Winamp is also capable of playing, importing, and burning CDs. 

It can play a variety of video formats. It comes with a media library where you can create and organize playlists.

Winamp is highly user friendly with a large number of plugins to choose from

These enable users to decode specific file types, generate sound graphics, apply unique effects to audio, and improve the functionality of the media library, along with other things.

The program’s interface is customizable, with a wide number of skins to choose from.

Winamp is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. 

There is also an Android version, so the program can be used on a variety of mobile devices.

Winamp has an online community and is available in 18 different languages. The program is free to download, however, some of the other features need a subscription.

One of the most important facets of using Winamp as a reference music player on Windows and Mac is that it allows you to add a huge range of functionality and aesthetic customization options via a large number of add-ons, most of which are free

In this post, you can download Winamp for free and also download plugins, skins, sound enhancers, extensions to adjust the rhythm of songs, desktop apps with the Winamp playing control buttons, and more. 

Swipe down to download Winamp skins and plugins.

It has been gradually introducing new features that you may not be aware of if you removed it a long time ago.

It now offers access to podcasts, which are radio programs produced by professionals or fans of the medium and are great for keeping us informed about our favorite themes.

What has been our impression of this media player? Really upbeat.

It has always been demonstrated to be a stable program that does not have any problems opening audio or video files and reproduces them in excellent quality in all circumstances.

Download Winamp

Operating systems 

Winamp for Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista (32/64 bit)

There is presently no official Winamp app on the Windows Store, and I doubt there will be in the future.

Because, unlike VLC, it comes with a very unique skin that would be difficult to replicate in a modern touch Interface.

For many years, Winamp has been the most popular music player on PCs, wasting minimum resources, allowing us to organize our music, and modifying the application with very impressive skins.

Download Winamp for Mac

Winamp is also available for Mac.

Winamp for Mac does rapid imports from other music download apps like iTunes, in addition to being a great music organizer and player. 

Its user-friendly features and good graphical interface make it a fantastic choice for every level of Mac user, from novice to expert.


Download Winamp for Android

Its creators have released an Android version that can be synced with the one installed on the computer.

All of the changes we’ve made will be visible on both devices, and we’ll be able to control our PC remotely from our phones, which is always an interesting option, especially in meetings.

 The Winamp app makes it simple to synchronize your Winamp playlist with your Android phone.

Download Winamp plugins

The creators of Winamp chose to make the software freemium in the 1998 edition.

With that, they opened up a new avenue for the community to contribute to the development and expansion of the program.

Plugins are extensions that should be downloaded to feed the software and greatly expand its capabilities.

The plugins are separated into distinct categories based on the features they offer, such as visualization, special effects, and the addition of new functionalities.

As a result, there are plugins available that allow the application to be used as an alarm clock, that add new features to the multimedia libraries, or that allow you to examine images generated by the songs being played.

Classic Spectrum Analyzer


Download Winamp skins

If we don’t change the skin, it wouldn’t be Winamp.

Download Winamp SKINS

How to install Winamp skins

  1. Get a Winamp skin.
  2. The downloaded file will be format, so use WinRar or another compression application to extract it to a temporary folder. A .wsz file will be included in the ZIP file if it is a traditional Winamp Skin. It will be .wal if it is a Winamp modern skin.
  3. Launch Winamp. Select Skins from the Options menu (on the toolbar). Choose the skin you want to use and click Open.

Download Winamp

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