Download Official Windows 95 ISO Free

Download Official Windows 95 ISO Free
Download Official Windows 95 ISO Free

The first operating system in the 9x family, Windows 95 is a consumer-oriented operating system. You can download ISO here.

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Download Official Windows 95 ISO Free: An operating system is the soul of a computer.

It acts as an interface between the hardware components of the computer and the user while ensuring the smooth functioning of the computer. 

By establishing a link between the various input and output devices and the central processing unit, the operating system plays a pivotal role in the functioning of a computer system.

When it comes to operating systems there is no other company that is as popular as Windows. For over 2 decades Windows has been one of the most popular operating systems in the world.

It is a pioneer in the field of the graphical user interface. Breaking the dull and boring interface of MS-DOS, Windows 1.0 came to life in the year 1985 as an operating system with a graphical user interface.

By revolutionizing the world of computers, it drew wide attention for creating a world where computers were no longer meant for tech geeks alone. With the amplified ease of use, Windows became extremely popular among the masses.

Windows continued to work really hard to provide the users with a better and better GUI based operating system.

As a result, Microsoft 95 was born in the year 1995. It was a huge success and sold over 1 million copies within the first week of its release.

In this article, we are going to take a trip down memory lane and see what was so great about Windows 95.

We will also help you to download the ISO files for Windows 95.

Download Windows 95 ISO

Windows 95: An Overview

Windows 95 created history in many ways.

It was the first operating system by Microsoft to be released under the 9x series.

It made major improvements to the GUI of Windows 3.1 and the users instantly loved these upgrades.

It also introduced the iconic ‘Start’ button and with it a new way to navigate through the system.

This button became so popular that Windows decided to never part ways with it even till date.

Windows 95 ISO still supported the existing MS-DOS and the existing drivers.

The interface received some major improvements and design changes.

You could now open important applications like My Computer faster, using desktop shortcuts.

The open apps are also displayed on the taskbar.

The new Windows Explorer replaces the File manager.

In fact, the classic startup sound was introduced in Windows 95.

It also comes with the new version of its browser, Internet Explorer 4.

User Interface of Windows 95

Windows 95 worked to create a user interface that was simple and easy to use.

It created an organized structure with a starting screen that emulated a physical desktop, a place where you find all the important tools and files.

Windows 95 was also literally named desktop. The desktop contained all your important applications like My Computer, My Briefcase, Recycle Bin, The Internet, etc.

You could also add important files and folders on the desktop to open them quickly.

And add shortcuts for various other applications for quick navigation. This new interface was so successful that the desktop remained unchanged even after two decades.

Earlier on, the desktop would only show the apps running on the PC at the moment but in Windows 95 the taskbar was born and it took the responsibility to show which apps were active at the time.

The taskbar was an extremely useful addition to Windows 95. It made switching between apps very easy. It also acted as a notification panel by showing notifications on the bottom right corner of the screen.

The taskbar also contained the iconic ‘Start’ button on the lower-left corner of the screen. When the user clicked on the Start button of Windows 95 it would open an expandable list showing the list of applications installed on the computer.

In the case of sub-menus, there would a small arrow symbol which could be clicked to expand the sub-menu. It provided an easy and fast way to navigate through the system and open files and run applications.

Another major change on Windows 95 was the introduction of the  explorer which became the default way to browse for files on the computer.

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Salient Features of Windows 95 ISO

  1. Direct Plug and Play – Windows 95 automatically installs devices when you plug them into the computer. There is absolutely no need for human interference. You no longer need to use jumpers to install devices on to your computer.
  2. 32-Bit Support – Windows 95 started a new era of computing by introducing 32-Bit computing which was faster than the previous 16-Bit systems.
  3. Device Manager –  It was a very useful application as it allowed users to see which devices were installed on the computer and also permited them to update their drivers.
  4. Windows Registry – This is another historic feature introduced in Windows 95 that has remained unchanged in all these years owing to efficiency and utility. It simplified the application-specific configuration files and reduced it to just two simple registry files that could be backed up and edited easily.
  5. Right Click – The right-click support was introduced in Windows 95 and is still being used today due to its effectiveness. It made working extremely simple.

Pros and Cons of Windows 95


  • It is faster and smoother and more responsive. It is a 32-Bit secured mode operating system and this makes it better than its predecessors.
  • The new GUI is simple and easy to learn. It is also more efficient and helps in getting things done faster.
  • It has quicker plate/record access which makes it easier to print files.
  • It enhances support for multimedia as it has built-in help for sound, midi, digital video playback, and quick CD-ROMs.
  • The taskbar allows you to quickly shuffle between various programs and this allows you to save a lot of time.
  • The new Plug and Play support enable you to save complications and time spent on dealing with technical issues that arise while installing a new device.


  • You can drag and drop files almost everywhere except the Control Panel, Dial-up connection, Printers, and Networking folder. This creates some confusion.
  • It cannot pre-emptively perform carry out multitasking while running Windows 16 applications.
  • Windows 95 does not provide a lot of help in the case of buggy applications.
  • There is a security shortcoming when it comes to sharing Files and Printers on Windows 95.

How to Download Windows 95 ISO?

Windows 95 is a very old operating system and it is not available in stores anymore in the form of CD/DVD.

Therefore, the only way in which you can install Windows 95 is by means of an ISO file.

An ISO file is a virtual copy of a CD/DVD.

It is an image file that emulates a CD/DVD.

The computer treats it exactly the same way as if a CD/DVD was inserted into the CD/DVD drive.

Use the link given below to download the ISO file for Windows 95.

You can download Windows 95 ISO in English, Turkish, Deutsch, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian.

Windows 95 ISO [English]

Windows 95 ISO OSR2.5 Bootable [English]

Windows 95 ISO [English] [Torrent]

Windows 95 ISO [Turkish]

Windows 95 ISO [Deutsch]

Windows 95 ISO [Portuguese]

Windows 95 ISO [Spanish]

Windows 95 ISO [Russian]

Windows 95 (OSR2) contains a USB supplement. Also known as Windows 95-B.

System Requirements for Windows 95 ISO

  • The processor should be 3DX or better.
  • RAM should be at least 128 MB.
  • Hard Disk Space of at least 55 MB.
  • A 3.5-inch floppy disk drive.
  • Video resolution should be 256-color SVGA.


Windows 95 was a groundbreaking released by Microsoft. It became extremely popular and changed the whole dynamics of Microsoft Windows. Some of the new features that it brought, like the taskbar and the start button, became an irreplaceable component of all Windows operating systems. It was the beginning of some of the most iconic features and properties of Windows. The brand loyalty and fan base that Windows enjoys today is to a great extent because of Windows 95. Its success created history and it is never too late to experience a little bit of nostalgia. We would thus strongly recommend you to see for yourself how it feels like using one of the most popular operating systems of all time.

Alternatives to Windows 95

  1. Windows 7 
  2. Windows 7 professional
  3. Windows 8.1
  4. Windows Vista
  5. Windows 98
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