Download WinDS PRO

Download WinDS PRO
Download WinDS PRO

Great collection of emulators of the best handheld Nintendo systems that existed until now


Download WinDS PRO: This emulator is a tool that serves to run console games on a computer, but if there was a complete one with different functions would be a great feature, in case of WinDS PRO is not an all-in-one, but has different consoles emulated the company Nintendo that are currently not for sale so you can continue having fun using their best games with this incredible system.


WinDS PRO : An Overview

WinDS PRO is a system that serves to emulate the behavior of old or disused consoles in order to continue using the different existing retro games that for many are still among the most beloved of the current video game market.
What is this system? you can see that you would be very good if you are a fan of Nintendo and want to enjoy the great successes that have known throughout its history that have aged in a very good way to continue enjoying even today, this includes from consoles like the DS despite being very current is already incorporated into this emulator, in addition to the different variants of the GameBoy as the classic GameBoy, GameBoy color, GameBoy Advance, among others.
In this compact software are included a set of tools that will give an easy entry and intuitive way to control each of the functions it has, in addition to access to each of the different emulators according to the types of game you want to run.
The idea of this is that if some type of game regardless of the version does not work in any of the emulators, you can try the others without any inconvenience this so you do not stay without being able to use your favorite game at any time, with an interface to ensure nostalgia, will be put on screen the simultaneous emulation of the two screens of the console if it is DS so you can control the touch screen using the mouse.
As for the most outstanding features can be named, the type of configuration, which can be handled by any expert and inexperienced user, in addition to this we already know how compatible it is with various Nintendo platforms, giving a wide range of possibilities in different games.
The great interface that can be easily customized, the different types of shortcuts or hotkeys and the execution of different types of formats according to the type of game they are running also provide great support to the user.
With what has been explained so far, you can notice the easy way and that at the same time it is complex because of the different ways that WinDS PRO can be used. For the same reason, although it does not need any kind of knowledge, you must be aware of the different configurations to work properly, which is why with a simple configuration you can use it without any problem with any type of game and remember those good times of childhood with your favorite games.

Download WinDS PRO

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