Download Wise Folder Hider

Download Wise Folder Hider
Download Wise Folder Hider

Allows you to hide files, drives or folders to maintain the privacy of your information


Download Wise Folder Hider: In more than one occasion some curious person has started to use our computer and at the same time to snoop in our more private files, there is when it is necessary a software as Wise Folder Hider, where you will be able to support the privacy of those files in order that the eyes of others could not review the files more hidden in your computer, it is a useful safety system to avoid a misplacement of information directly of our pc.

Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider: An Overview

Our computer hard drives are our private storage site, but any other user could enter the computer to use it, to protect that valuable information you should use Wise Folder Hider. File privacy software, which allows you to hide documents, image files, videos of any format and entire directories if you need to in a couple of clicks.
It has a simple operation so that it can be as intuitive as possible and any user from the most novice can use it without any problem. To hide something you just have to select and drag it to the application and you can also use a password and protect it if you want.
One feature that should be taken into account is the security to enter the same application, Wise Folder Hider already when you start it for the first time it asks you to select a master password to enter, but in the same way you can configure it, so that you need a second password to view and modify your hidden files, as you can see this double lock function will be an extra protection that can keep us safer from the curious.
It is worth mentioning that not only does it work with the internal drives of the computer, Wise Folder Hider works the same way with the external drives, to which you can put a password to specific files so that when you lend the drive or use it in some other computer, these cannot be read without the security key.
But with all that has been said, there is a function that can also help with greater security, this is file encryption, where you can not only hide them but also protect them so that they cannot be read easily. To do this you must load the software and go to the top where the Encrypt File button is located, then you will only need to press the create button so that the new encrypted space is determined with the elements that were selected previously. It is worth mentioning that to perform any type of manipulation on this element you must use the password to enter the file and be able to view, edit or delete it.
On the other hand there is the Open button, it gives the possibility to see the files encrypted previously, with everything already explained you can notice the simple operation with only the fact that everything is done in the initial window, it is not necessary tedious procedures that only complicate the process and will make the users stop using it, on the other hand the simplicity and great protection attracts many looks to download and test this great system.

Download Wise Folder Hider

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