Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software [GUIDE]

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Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software: Although there are numerous applications available in the app market which helps to download youtube videos easily but many times these apps end up downloading third-party apps on your phone. These apps are dangerous at times as they can track your location, call details, even banking details. Thus, such apps need to be avoided while downloading videos from youtube, facebook or other social media. Here we have come up with a few steps which can be followed if you are looking for downloading youtube videos without any software. Have a look.

Youtube is the largest platform for multimedia files have millions of video and audio files. Many a time it becomes very frustrating to download youtube video downloader apps for getting your desired YouTube files. Things get worse when these apps contain viruses and malware which instead of getting your videos downloaded can end up destroying your data or even damage your system. The way to download youtube videos without the help of any app is not that difficult as you think. All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Various options are there over the internet and Google but here I have come up with the names of a few popular and safe sites that you can rely on. All you need to do is to visit these sites and copy and paste the video link that you want to download. Some of the reliable sites include Youtube Mp4, Clip converter, save from Net etc.

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software is a great platform from where you can download videos without any difficulties. Just visit their official site and download your desired videos. This website contains very fewer ads which make it less disturbing as the ads don’t suddenly pop up on the screen. When you visit their official website you will notice a section which will direct you to copy link Url and paste it in the box after you are done with the same, you will notice a file that will be generated, now just click on download and yes you are done. This steps can be followed in order to download all videos from the youtube. In case you have a premium membership plan then you will be able to download full HD and almost 4k videos from Youtube that too without any kind of software.

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

Online video converter is also a very good option is also quite reliable platform and enables you to download various formatted video files like MP4, Mpeg2, MP3, MKV directly easily. It provides options for easy downloading in Chrome browser, also you can get hold of chrome extension. The procedure of downloading videos is exactly the same as mentioned above.

This article has all the names of the most trusted websites for downloading videos easily. You can also tune on to your smartphones for downloading your favorite youtube video. These websites are very reliable. Nowadays various web tools are available on the market but most of them have security issues, can give way to malware and harmful software which can hack all your details.

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I hope the above steps were helpful and you have learned How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software but if you still have any questions then feel free to ask your questions in the comment’s section.

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