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Used to create a bootable USB drive with various operating systems.


Download YUMI: It is quite common to need a tool that can solve a common problem today, such as having a bootable Flash Drive that will serve to install an operating system that fits your needs, the difference with this application called YUMI is that you can install more than one ISO image for the installation of a wide variety of versions of the same operating system or different.


YUMI: An Overview

YUMI is a universal creator for boot ISO images or operating systems, is a versatile tool that allows the rapid creation of a bootable USB device that contains the different ISO files needed for the installation of any operating system you require, can be Linux, Windows and each in its different versions, in addition to adding the utilities such as antivirus, different disk checking programs or tools that can be useful for the complete diagnosis of the software installed on the computer.
YUMI is the recommended successor for any of these veteran applications that perform the operation of creating a multiboot or multiboot pendrive, it works with higher performance and less wear and tear on the computer resources used to create the USB flash drive.
Apart from some specific distributions, all ISO files are stored in a container folder, called the multiboot folder, this makes it a USB drive with a fairly detailed organization, so you can simplify the way you choose the operating system to install.
Although this system was created to run different operating systems from the USB and install them in a computer, there are some Linux distributions that turned out to be not compatible so you will not be able to install this software.
The procedure to create a USB multiboot is quite similar to programs like the Universal USB Installer, you only need to run YUMI and you can configure directly on the options you require where you can choose even the distribution that can be executed live without the need to install, likewise add the different ones. Operating system versions to use.
In general terms the software is quite good in creating multiboot devices that also with a high processing speed will not affect the operation of the computer while it is performing the task.
But if we talk about what this software was created for, its purpose was to create different ways to run Linux in any of its distributions, which would allow the use of the pendrive and the Linux operating system from any computer at any time even if it is not installed.
To conclude, YUMI is worth trying it out, configuring it and trying to get the most out of it, you never know when you will need a multiboot device that has different distributions of Windows or Linux, likewise this will depend a lot on the problem you face at that time.

Download YUMI

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