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Download Zuma Deluxe
Download Zuma Deluxe

PC Game based on strategy and puzzles that is quite addictive in recent times.


Download Zuma Deluxe: Any kind of game is always a good way to get distracted, besides improving mental agility with the different puzzles and strategies you can implement, in this case Zuma Deluxe is a game that can bring you many moments of fun using a small avatar and trying to destroy the different chains of obstacles that arise over time.

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe: An Overview

It is one of the most popular strategy, puzzle and combination games since 2003 but its great popularity was when it moved to PC and MAC teams from 2005.It’s great ease of play and addictive way of establishing the different strategies led it to be one of the most popular arcades in the 21st century, the game focuses on eliminating different columns of balls that roll slowly across the screen on a set path. The player’s task is to prevent them from reaching their destination that would culminate in an explosion by giving a GameOver, the way to eliminate them is to combine the different colors with more than three spheres of the same type of color.To make the game a little more interesting the developers added different types of skills that can help improve the agility with which you can eliminate the rows of spheres of different colors. The different enhancements or skills include pushing the spheres backwards, slowing them down, increasing precision or a powerful explosion that removes a large number of rows in a second.The design was made based on the simplest possible making it highly addictive with very simple rules to follow and a fast pace with very short games, also making use of a soundtrack that keeps you caught in each of their games.

With the great popularity that Zuma Deluxe had, it was nominated for different awards as the best puzzle games or arcade hits of the time, serving as a basis for different sequels that have been just as successful as its predecessor.Zuma Deluxe itself has two basic game modes, which give a lot of levels that can be quite fun, in the first is the standard adventure mode, you play with about three lives per player and the campaign is divided into three different temples. The second game mode is the gauntlet which is a practice mode with different levels that go in an increasing difficulty giving a high difficulty for those who want a great challenge.With a large number of features as they are already a fairly award-winning game, besides being fun and addictive for all ages, meets a wide range of skills that are necessary to overcome each of the obstacles in the best possible way, also has quick controls that provide great accuracy and depend much on your ability how to overcome each of the levels, likewise gives a great difficulty can be quite entertaining for players who want something more extreme.

Download Zuma Deluxe

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