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Download MailWasher

Effective spam filter, which allows you to speed up the cleaning of your email so you don't lose valuable time.


Downlonad MailWasher: If you’re one of those who are always deleting junk mail and are constantly cleaning your email, MailWasher is the solution you need, to speed up and avoid any information that is not important to you, so you will not lose so much in checking mail one by one and verify that you need or not, this tool should only be configured correctly to start working and just let it help you stay with a clean email.


MailWasher: An Overview

MailWasher is an excellent email filtering system where you can avoid spam, it has a simple operation that will allow anyone to use it without problems for any novice user, in the same way you can use it for any email client, so it has a total compatibility with the environment you run it.

It is important to highlight the great power of the spam detector. Although it requires previous configuration and a manual selection of the types of emails you consider spam, you will notice the change after a few initial configurations, where it will detect around 90% of the time correctly, and as you use the software it will increase the precision with which it works. Furthermore, thanks to the great support it has, there is no doubt that it will continue to evolve to obtain a substantial operational improvement.

Similarly can be seen the performance that has MailWasher to work with even the computers with fewer resources, has a simple interface with menus that are fast and direct so you do not need any guidance using the system, likewise when performing operations does not affect the overall performance by the little load on the CPU that exerts, so it also performs tasks at high speed.

It is necessary to note several virtues of MailWasher to have concrete knowledge about what it can do:

Mail preview: total freedom to view the content received in plain text, will make it much easier and safer to read and navigate in the emails without the need to download or open them in the specific client of the email.

It has multi-language support, where it will facilitate navigation by adapting the language you master.

Spam Bounce: especially dedicated to returning emails catalogued as spam, it is very useful to return the message to the sender as if the destination email did not exist, so you do not receive more messages that may cause a hindrance in the mail.

In case you need a small guide, to use MailWasher you don’t need great knowledge, first you must configure the email, this way each one of the configurations of the mail client will be imported automatically, but in the same way it will import what is the contact list, having all this information available it will be ready for the automatic detection of spam. If it is the first time you only have to make some manual selections so that the program gradually knows what spam is for you, this way it will be able to do a better job according to the tastes of the user who is using it.

Download MailWasher

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